Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer Bucket List Update: Almost Done

With school well underway summer seems to be coming to an end fast.
I am not sure how things go in your house, but here we embrace all things summer until Labor day then the very next day we wake up ready for fall and pumpkin spice everything. 

Who's with us?

There are only about 3 more weeks until fall "officially" arrives so we need to get this bucket list wrapped ups soon. If you missed our last bucket list update you can check it out here. 

This is what our bucket list looked like after our last check in.

This is where we are now.

Library Story Time

So we never actually made it to a technical story time. Our library has a very short program and we had to many schedule conflicts. But, we did make it to the library MANY times to play, explore and we completed both levels of the summer reading program so I am calling this one a win.

We read nonstop this summer usually checking out 30-40 books at a time. Here the girls are having  a post library trip "story time" in the car while waiting on the pool to open. 

Go on a Picnic

We actually managed to go on quite a few picnics recently. There were several days that we packed up our lunch and ate at the park while waiting on the pool to open (of course).

Host a Summer Playdate

I honestly thought this one just wasn't going to happen. Between vacations, VBS and swim lessons we just weren't home very often. We were so excited to have our friends come visit us on their last day of summer break. It was great to catch up after a summer of barely seeing each other.

Go to the Drive-Inn

As soon as I put this on my list I knew exactly how I wanted this to work out. We oh so patiently waited for the Minion Movie to go to the drive-inn and it finally did.

We picnicked before the gates opened.

Waited out a random rain shower in the car.

And watched the movie with friends.

I love that we have a drive in close by.
It is always a summer highlight for us.

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons this year were and epic success.
In case you missed it, here is the post where I shared all about my little fish 

Water Gun Fight

This past weekend we got out the slip n' slide and the water guns and had a blast. I was pretty brave with the "big girl" camera and had a few close calls but the shots I got were worth it. 

We are <this> close to knocking out the rest of our list!

With my favorite car show of the year coming up this weekend and 3 weeks to finally make some popsicles I am pretty sure we can complete our list with plenty of time to spare.

How is your Summer going?

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