Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pool Time: Becoming Fish

If I had to count up how many times we have been at the pool over the past 2 months I am pretty sure it would be close to 50. We have spent countless hours in or around the water by ourselves (rarely), with cousins and with our good friends. 

Anna and I were recently talking wondering if someday the kids would say "Hey remember that one summer that we went swimming all the time" Hopefully next year won't be any different and they can recall multiple summers spent that way as they get older. 
Creating memories for my kids brings so much joy to my heart.

Last year we mad a few pool trips and took swim lessons towards the end of the summer. We grew a bit in confidence but finished summer just a little better than where we started. 

Last day of swim lesson August 2014

Last day of swim lessons July 2015

Oh how quickly things change.

Just two months ago Marissa would only go down one of the "baby" slides, wouldn't put her face in water, disliked floating on her back, wouldn't jump off the edge of the pool and could not swim.

Emily, well let's just say she was exactly like her sister only more extreme.

The proof is in the photos (and a video) friends.
Take a look at a few things that happened during our summer at the pool.

You learn how to swim... all the way across the pool.

Nail your cannon ball form.

Emily has a pretty silly face with goggles on. 

Tread water? No problem.

Lifeguards get to know you by name.

And make water balloons out of gloves for you. 

You make improvements on diving and finally quit belly flopping (most of the time).

With only a couple weeks left of summer you learn to swim

 Then conquer things you never would've done just a few days earlier. 

Pool time and swim lessons are better with friends.

As well as jumping in the pool.

No slide is to big.

And if you have enough confidence the guards might let you go down a slide that you are actually to short to go on. Which will be repeated by you going on it 50 more times that day.

Words can not express how proud I am of these amazing girls.

This is the summer they learned to swim. 
The summer they became fish.
The best summer we've yet to have
.... so far.

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