Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Guy Behind The Blog {August 2015}

A couple months ago I some how miraculously convinced the husband to let me do a little interview for the blog. The Mr. isn't a man of many words and has never been one to draw much attention to himself. However he can be quite comical and witty if the mood strikes him You just never know which Russ you are going to get. 

He also claims to hate doing these posts but for the third month in a row he humored me. That leads me to the following conclusions. 

1) He secretly likes the interviews and just doesn't want to admit it. 
2) He really loves me and does it too make me happy or 
3) Both 1 & 2 are true.

Whatever it is I love it and I am so glad we get to do these posts together. The interviews are always good for a laugh and I love sharing a glimpse of our relationship with you.

Here we go...

1// What is your all time favorite food?

*Sigh, followed by a long period of silence.*
"I'd have to say a blackened tuna steak. But if I can't have that I guess lasagna since you don't eat fish."

2// Who is the cook between you and your significant other?

*I couldn't help but start laughing hysterically after asking this question, Mr. DOES NOT cook.*
"Well if your around I guess it would have to be you."

Well played Russ, well played. 

3// What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

"Hmmm, hmmm?"
*Big sigh.*
"Man that's a toughie."
Me: Have you ate a lot of weird things?

"NO! Not weird to me."
"I don't know, elk chili? That's kind of weird. It's not something people eat everyday."

4// Are there any foods that you absolutely detest?

"Taco Bell, is that even a food?
Me: *laughing* You detest Taco Bell more than you do Mc Donalds?
"It's pretty equal, you don't know what the heck your eating."

5// What is your favorite local, little-known, or hole in the wall place to eat?

"Well since we never go out, hmmm?"
Me: We go out sometimes.
"Hackett Hot Wings. They have the best wings anywhere"
Me: Mmmmm! Yes they do.

Now it is your turn to answer the question that caused the most laughs for us.
Who is the cook at your house?

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