Thursday, August 13, 2015

Project Sunday {July 2015}

Another month is over and I am ready to share photos again.The year is more than halfway over and I am still LOVING that I challenged myself to take weekly photos #bestdecisionever.

Here is a peek at the past 25 weeks of 2015!

How could I not smile looking back at 25 photos of those adorable girls. 
Plans for next year are already underway and I am HOPING to step up the quality on my weekly photos...maybe even edit them. 

There I confessed it. I NEVER edit my photos. Anyone else? 
I am guessing it might just be me but I am hoping that I am wrong.

Let's take a look at July!

Fourth of July weekend and Emily was still all about the red white and blue. I discovered that Emily's wardrobe was pretty abundant with those colors but sister's, not so much.

I love that girls can wear clothes for multiple summers. Emily is wearing the pillow case dress I made her last year and it fit even better. Maybe next year it could be a tunic?! I picked up Marissa's dress on a post 4th clearance rack at Old Navy. Love clearance racks. 

They decided to wear their Easter dresses again and were able to go without jackets this time!

All I can say is #OhEmily This weeks photos were kind of a mess and overly exposed. Just when I think taking pictures is getting easier (and brag about it) we have a doozie of a week. I simply picked the best funniest one I could find and called it good. Maybe it's good to remember these moments too. 

 Good weeks and bad weeks are just going to happen and even on the Sundays that the photos don't turn out perfectly I am still glad we took them. 

Happy almost Friday!

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