Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How To Brew Amazing Iced Coffee {Recipe}

A couple weeks ago I was sitting in the movie theater with my friend Anna and for some reason we started talking about iced coffee. She told me she had recently, with the help of her "coffee snob" brother, figured out a great way for brewing a sweet iced coffee. At that very second she had my full attention I had to know how I could try this myself. I didn't want to waste any time getting started. That afternoon I stopped by the store, picked up the ingredient I was missing and went home to make my first batch.

I was hooked.
So easy, so good and so convenient.

Everyone needs to give a big thanks to Anna and her "coffee snob" brother for making this post possible.
Without their help I would still be living on the dark side of the iced coffee world.
I hope that you love it as much as we do.

Coffee syrup of any flavor.


1) Fill your coffee pot all the way full with ice cubes.

2) Add coffee syrup directly to the ice. You can add as much or as little as you want depending on your desired sweetness. I typically add 9 Tablespoons to my 10 cup coffee pot. Between 6-12 is probably a good number for most. 

*Note: you can always add more later if the coffee isn't sweet enough.

3) Fill your water half full.
Example: If you have a 12 cup coffee maker only put 6 cups worth of water in there.
Add enough coffee grounds for a full pot of strong coffee. 

4) Brew your coffee. If you have a lid on your pot go ahead and leave it off. 

A few minutes later you have this!

A pitcher of instantly cold iced coffee that is already sweetened and flavored.
The coffee is strong and bold so much better than icing hot coffee in the fridge. 

Anna's brother explained that when the hot coffee hits the ice cubes and instantly cools off it locks in the flavor leaving you with a much better taste.

The coffee can go in your fridge where if you are lucky it will last for more than two days.
So far I have not been lucky.

You can drink it over ice as is or you can add a splash of milk or half and half for some added creaminess. Sometimes when I am feeling extra adventurous I put in some chocolate syrup too.

Iced coffee in seconds whenever I want.
Exactly what this mom needs to help me out on those busy back to school mornings. 

Are you an iced coffee fan?
How do you normally make yours?

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