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Looking Back: The Very First Time I Told Him I Was Pregnant

Hello Thursday!

The week has been long but good and it is finally Friday Eve. Thank you Jesus!
 The weekend just never seems to come fast enough.

Today I want to tell you a story that I have wanted to write about for almost a year now. The story of  the very first time I said the words "I'm pregnant".  I usually don't blog about the past but since my stories out date my blogging days I thought it may be fun to go back and share the special ones. 

*DISCLAIMER* I do feel the need to warn you that a curse word may or may not be involved, sorry mom. Secondly I also feel I should say that I now realize using a curse word and the phrase "I'm pregnant" in the same breath is not the classiest way to go about things.
With that in mind, here we go!

October 2007

In October of 2007 we were newly married and on our way to Florida. This was our very first big trip together since we never really took a honeymoon. During our trip I was.... well lets just say some may use the word psycho. Crying at anything, mean, overly emotional, angry and more. The mood swings were strong, unpredictable and often. People aren't supposed to act like this on vacation, are they? It is a small miracle that Russ didn't divorce me as soon as we got back home friends. Thankfully he was and still is a man of patience and grace.

We arrived back home and the crazy came with us. I assumed I was just a hormonal train wreck but eventually I decided I had to rule out pregnancy. So Saturday morning I woke up peed in a cup and headed off to Walmart (wow this story gets classier every second). I ran in Walmart (leaving the pee in the car) grabbed the cheapest pregnancy test I could and ran back out before I bumped into any one. Which makes me wonder if any other happily married women ever have the fear of bumping into someone you know while buying a pregnancy test? Safely back in my car I dipped it, capped it and tossed that bad boy into the passenger floorboard. Then I pressed my head back into the seat and quietly waited. A minute later I did a peek followed by a double take and then a full body lean. 

There it was +. 
I was shocked.

One million thoughts and questions flooded my brain. Feeling of being completely ecstatic to worry over how he might react. We both wanted this but didn't expect the blessing to come so quickly. I went to work for what seemed like the longest Saturday morning ever, I am pretty sure I didn't even do any actual work. If my memory serves me correctly I secretly googled anything pregnancy related I could think of. Finally after what felt like forever my half day was over and I headed home, pregnant, to my husband who was still clueless.

And then things got interesting.

Did I brainstorm a way to announce the baby, No. Did I wrap the test up for him, No. 
Did I buy a card, write a poem, make a dinner or buy a onesie?

No, No, No, NO!

So what did I do? 

I stormed into the house where he happened to be taking a shower. Banged on the bathroom door, flung it open and in a loud annoyed voice said "Well, I figured out why I've been so b*#%*y lately!" To which he responded, "Huh?" Then I angrily blurted out "I'm PREGNANT" slammed the door and walked off. 

I still can't believe that's how it all went down. 

Maybe it was the hormones, the so called crazy I was feeling. Maybe I was simply terrified and didn't know how to process my feelings. The good news is I look back at this story with no regrets. Sure it was less than ideal but at least it makes for a funny story. 

Besides when he finally came out of the shower and I showed him the test he still refused to believe I was actually pregnant and repeatedly told me I wasn't for days and weeks to come.
It seems I'm not the only one who was caught off guard by the big news.

About 6 Weeks later we were both made believers when we saw our baby on screen for the first time.

We joyfully told our parents and friends and don't worry, I made sure to leave curse words out of those announcements.

How did you share the big news with your husband the very first time?
(Go ahead with your sweet stories, I can take it.)

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