Monday, April 14, 2014

Egg hunts and Monday blues.

Happy Monday? I must admit I am not in the best of moods today. For starters, it's Monday. Do I really need to explain why that makes one grumpy? Secondly, It is in the 30's and sleeting. Man you really do just have to embrace the craziness that is Missouri weather. We were wearing Sundresses and sandals to church not even 24 hours ago! So 1+1 unfortunately equals a bit of blah for me today. Maybe this post and some coffee will brighten things up a bit.

Saturday was the day for the annual Easter egg hunt that we take the girls to. The weather was a bit windy but AMAZING! After a lazy morning we got dressed, grabbed our buckets and headed out!

Daddy gave Emily a pep talk before the hunt.

She got a little bored waiting...

And eventually she ended up getting stuck.

When they said go, they went! Emily did great for being with the "bigger" kids this year.

I think the hunt lasted a whole 3 minutes, it was CRAZY! Of course there was a fair share of adults picking or scooping up the eggs, oh my!

We then headed for the long line so we could trade our empty eggs in for some candy!

After we made the swap we headed home!

And we instantly "needed" a piece as soon as we reached the car. We didn't mind, it made for a quiet ride home. 

Looking at these pictures brightens my mood a bit. Plus daddy is working a short week, only 3 days. We have an exciting, busy long weekend planned! Hopefully this cold won't last long and we will have some better weather for it.

How was your weekend? 
Did you hunt any eggs?

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  1. Emily's hair is so cute! Who has curly hair in your family?

    1. My husband, haha! You can't tell by looking at him but it curls a bit if it gets long. He inherited it from his mother and I am not sure where she got it from. Sadly my kids didn't end up looking very much like me :/. They both picked up some strong features from their dads side like Marissa's big dimples and Emily's hair. They do both have my big eyes but that is about it lol. Well, that and the fact they are huge. But, I am 5'10" and my husband is about 6'2" so we didn't think that we would have short kids :).