Friday, April 18, 2014

Five on Friday /Silver Dollar City

It's Friday! And not just any Friday. Today is GOOD Friday. Such a meaningful day for Christians. I don't think I ever used to give much thought to the significance of Good Friday before we joined our church. Everyone is so eager to celebrate the resurrection they sometimes skip out on the crucifixion. Every year we have a Good Friday service and it has became one of my favorite services of the year. I am so excited to go tonight.

Also daddy is home today! And even better than that he was home yesterday to. So we packed up the kids early and got out of town. We headed to Silver Dollar City, our closest and favorite amusement park located in Branson, Missouri. This is our second year of being season pass holders. Last year we made about 6/7 trips down there between April and December.

My 5 this week are going to be highlights from our first trip of 2014!

1. Marissa is now over the 48" mark. We hit that sometime this winter and she was THRILLED. This now means that she is not only tall enough to ride almost all the rides (at age 5). But, some of them she could ride all by herself. She told me that she would ride Thunderation, a roller coaster, 44 times if she could. She is also now big enough to be a "single rider" on the big swings. That girl has LOVED rides ever since she was big enough to ride them.

2. This guy, pushing a pink and gray stroller and carrying this back pack. Our normal, gray one was full so I grabbed this gem instead and he didn't even flinch. 

3. Watching Marissa be such a good big sister. As Emily has gotten bigger, they are getting more "independent". It is so sweet to see her really watching out for Emily. Here she is making sure Emily got buckled up properly and at the end she helped her get out to.

4. Some time with just Emily. While Dad and Marissa were riding the "scary" flooded mine I got to ride on the carousel alone with Emily. We had 3 rides together, one on a donkey a carriage and a bear. We also rode on the tea cups together since Russ and Marissa like to spin about 100 times faster than we do.

5. Just being together. I love being with our girls. I love having those out of the normal long weekends to do something fun with our kids. It is a joy, and a blessing. I am so excited that we still have today and the rest of the weekend to enjoy being a family!

What are your weekend plans?

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  1. Aw you got great pictures!!

    Those swings freak me out so bad. I can't even watch A ride them.

    1. They are a bit terrifying. Marissa was only 1 (almost 2) the first time she rode on them. I remember as soon as it started to go up in the air I thought "Why in the world did I do this?!" So I kept a death grip on her the whole ride. She LOVED it though.