Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Wreath {DIY}

Spring is here and it has been giving me decorating urges. I usually don't get "spring cleaning" urges. I am what some would refer to as a "neat freak" and I always keep a pretty tidy house. But, there are a few areas of the house that are still not decorated 2 years later (pathetic I know) that are really starting to bug me. We also have a few honey-do projects that I am getting anxious about and I really wanted a wreath to replace the one I made last year that didn't work out so well.

Has anyone ever tried the genius Pinterest idea of making a wreath from a pool noodle? Well, I did and I declare it to be the dumbest idea ever. If this method worked for you, PLEASE let me know what you did, so I can figure out where I went wrong! What started out as a mostly round beautiful wreath ended up looking rather egg shaped, lop sided and unattractive. I was sad and disappointed. I had made several felt flowers for it so I yanked them off the best I could and put them in the craft closet to sit. Until this week.

First off, to make a yarn wrapped wreath the best thing you can use is a straw wreath from your local craft store. They are cheap and come wrapped in plastic. Use a 40% off coupon, leave the plastic on and get to wrapping and wrapping and wrapping and wrapping!

I used about 3 types of yarn I had and ended up with this.

I found burlap ribbon for 50% off.  I am always a sucker for mustard yellow.

Then I got out my flowers. Thankfully I salvaged just enough to not have to make more.

Now I have a beautiful, spring wreath that is sturdy and with a little luck, won't need replaced next year.

Which project will I take on next...

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