Thursday, July 31, 2014

Vacation, In My Dreams

Just the thought of those words simultaneously makes me smile and want to cry. I smile at the thought of actually going on a real vacation. I cry because I know it just isn't going to happen this year. In an attempt to tame (or tease) my travel bug a bit I put together a list. 

If I was going on vacation here are 5 places that I would love to visit.

1. Walt Disney World.

I know, it is pretty classic and not exactly a relaxing get away. But I have only been one time and before we came home I tearfully made Russ promise me we would go back. Hopefully that will happen late 2015 or early 2016. 

Disney vacation November, 2011

2. Denver

Mountains, beautiful weather, and so much to see and do. Did I mention the Coors Brewery is that way to. Yeah, I am pretty sure we would have plenty to do in Denver. 

3. California

The beach, my grandparents & family, San Francisco, So-Cal, Disney Land. It would be awesome and really hard to squeeze it all in. We might need a few weeks for this one. 

4. Road Trip ~ The Mother Road, Route 66

Okay call me a nerd but the hubby and I dream of traveling Route 66 start to finish. Plus it would get me to Chicago for the start of the trip and take me all the way to California. Downfall this trip seems more like something that would be more enjoyable when we retire or become independently wealthy, whichever happens first ;).

5. International ~ Fiji

Who wouldn't want to go here, seriously?! Now that looks like the relaxation that I could really use. Fiji take me away.

Okay so if you didn't already have a travel bug I am guessing that you do now.

The Travel agency in your dreams is now open. Tell me some places that you would like to visit if you could go anywhere. 

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  1. Perfect list!!!! I LOVE CO & CA. Seriously best vacay since ever been on. Just so gorgeous. My husband and I have been talking about Alaska lately. Obviously not a family vacay buy it would be fun to see the natural beauty of it all.

  2. I've been planning a trip with some friends of mine that we all doubt will happen, but we're still planning on flying to Seattle and taking the train over the Rocky Mts. to Vancouver, B.C. I've always wanted a train ride through the Rocky Mts. Also, this past May I saw the Pacific ocean for the first time and I would love to go back.

  3. Well, if you ever come to california you have to let me know :)

  4. If you took Route 66 you could knock out that, PLUS SoCal, PLUS the beach, PLUS Disney! :)
    Fiji. Yes. Where do I sign. I need to go there. Yesterday.

  5. ahhh Disney, the land of a lot of work and dreams =) Definitely not relaxing but still really awesome. I hope you guys make it back soon! Don't forget to hit up Boulder if you do Denver. I went to the Uni of CO in Boulder, what a beautiful area. Route 66 would be a great thing to do when you are retired, seems like something you wouldn't want to rush...or independently wealthy works too. Fingers crossed for you. I took a South Pacific class for my anthropology degree and it totally turned me off from ever wanting to visit the area. Maybe to an all inclusive resort where I didn't have to leave property...I could probably manage that.