Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Countdown Link-Up Week 3

Welcome to week 3 of the Christmas Countdown Link-up. I am back with my co-host Danielle from Sundaes and Spaghetti and Kelly from Happily Ever Mock.

Another week has flown by. I can feel December quickly slipping through my fingers, just like it does every single year.

This link-up has been so much fun. I wanted to take a second to highlight a few of my favorite posts so far. 

Julia at Grace Makes New put together a really cute Holiday survival kit
Desiree and Elizabeth were able to meet up and go see the LA Zoo lights
Desiree - Macke Monologues
Elizabeth - Chasin Mason
Courtney at Sweet Turtle Soup posted about their Santa visit.

The rules to the link-up are easy. Grab the button and link up with anything Christmas related. Recipes, crafts, family activities, any and all things Christmas.

Our Pretty Little Girls

Week Three

This week started out with attending Joplin's annual Christmas parade. We are fortunate that our church is located right in the heart of down-town off of Main Street. Every year the parade goes right in front of the building so we sit on the sidewalk in front of the church leaving us close to warmth, hot chocolate and a bathroom if we need one.

It was easily the coldest Christmas parade that I remember. Unfortuantely it was also the longest. The parade had several dead spaces where we waited for several minutes between floats and the kids were bound and determined to see Santa at the end. We almost froze, the crowd was pretty much completely gone, but we endured and saw Santa!

Speaking of Santa we sent him a couple letters this week. Blogger fail, I forgot to take a picture of the list before we dropped them off. But just in case your wondering Marissa asked for a Panda bear and Emily asked for Minnie Mouse stuff.

 Anyone surprised? I didn't think so.

The letters were dropped of at a special mail box in the parks and rec office. The girls should soon be receiving a special letter in the mail soon.

I joined Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me  for her Instagram Christmas photo challenge. 

Here is a collage from my first week.

Be sure to follow us along on Instagram for daily photos.

Bob was up to his usual mischief.

"Roasting" marshmallows

"Trapping" the girls in their rooms

He even set up the train and brought us a copy of The Polar Express... in 3D!!! I can't wait to check that out. 

We took a surprise trip to Silver Dollar City to see some Christmas shows, lights and Santa of course.

Emily still won't even look at the guy. 

 It was another fun festive week for our family with plenty crossed off our list.

Now it's your turn to share what you have been up to.
So grab the button and link up!

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  1. Love all of your pictures!!! Looks like a lot of fun is happening over there!!!!

  2. Thanks for the shout out!!
    You guys are rocking your bucket list!! I love that the girls were determined to see Santa, even if it was freezing!
    Bob sure has some fun when everyone is sleeping. I wonder if Teu will be joining in Bob's fun. The roasting of marshmallows looks like something that might happen over at our house. :)

  3. I love this. Like for real love this. And I'm totally hoping I can squeeze in a Christmas themed breakfast. I'm such a slacker. We've accomplished so little on our list!

  4. You guys have been busy! Love this! So fun!

    1. We have been busy! So much fun, give me all the Christmas!

  5. Love the pictures of the Elf! I didn't even get ours out this year. I'll probably wait until next year when he will understand the concept a little more, I hope. Our towns parade is this weekend. I haven't decided if we'll be going or not. Wyatt is not easy to contain, ha! Glad I found your blog, your family is precious!

  6. First look at how huge your link up is?! 32 people that's so awesome! Ok I love all you do with your elf! I just hope I remember for next year :) I love the letters to Santa. We attempted that when Callie kept asking for a few things as a distraction. She just scribbled all over my words. Maybe next year haha. Oh and That parade sounds like a blast and how perfect it goes right by your church. That's my kind of parade near warmth and bathrooms. :) Love your link up! Hope to join in again next week friend!

  7. This is so fun! What a great link up! I love all your Christmas fun! I may have to join in on the Instagram fun. Thanks for hosting!

    1. Thank you! The Instagram fun has been a blast you should definitely join in!

  8. That Bob is one awesome that a fake tea light? ha! Love it. Too bad you all froze. We almost did at our light parade the other night too - Aria and I were extra bundled because mom is the smart one, everybody else was frozen.