Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Our Girls' Wish Lists 2014

Last week I posted my Christmas wish list. Since I had so much fun making mine and I have had a few people asking about present ideas for the girls, I decided to make a wish list for them to. 

*Disclaimer they didn't make their list!

 I did.

 I did ask them what they wanted for Christmas. Emily replied "MINNIE" and Marissa said she wanted panda bear baby. I did include those items then I added some things I think they might be interested in based upon sheer mommy instinct.

Notice a theme here? This girl is SO in love with all thing Mickey and Minnie. We have already purchased item #1 and #2 on her list for her. 

1. Figaro Pet Carrier Play set - We purchased

2. Minnie Mouse Logo Sweatshirt - We purchased

Marissa's list is kind of a stab in the dark. The girl is rarely very specific about presents that she wants. She could look through a toy book and pick out just about everything in the book. Russ and I are kind of getting "toyed"out though. At what point does one have enough dolls and Barbies? So knowing her interests I picked some craft supplies, books and games and of course the one toy she is begging for. We have already purchased items #1 and #7 for her

1. Fur-real Panda - We Purchased

7. Ariel DS Game - We Purchased

So there you have it. Two lists full of toys, books and games that would make two little girls VERY happy. 

What did your kids put on their list?

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  1. Looks like they love Minnie! So cutE and a great idea to share this. My toddler loves Mickey and it's so cute seeing him get excited about it :)

    1. Emily is Mickey, Minnie obsessed! It was fun and a great easy resource for anyone looking for ideas! Mickey is great, I don't mind her loving them one bit. There are MUCH more annoying things!

  2. Minnie! So cute! Boys and girls are so different. Henry's all about Legos and Ninja Turtles! My little man Wesley is in love with Mickey, though!

    1. It is SO dIfferent isn't it?! Two of their best friends are boys and it is so funny when they play together.

  3. Aria said all she wanted was new shoes for mommy...generous spirit that one =)
    Love the figaro cat thing. I think Aria would get a kick out of that. I like seeing Marissa's list since it is so much older than things Aria likes. I really like the Disney piano book, that is neat.

  4. that Minnie puzzle looks really fun! so does the Disney piano book :) Christmas shopping is the best for littles (at least so far!)

  5. Great lists! I love to see little girl stuff since I live in a boys world! Of course we have Mason, but we also have 4 nephews. No nieces, yet. :)

  6. Alllllll the Mickey stuff over here! Marcus did specifically ask Santa for toy cars, so there's that. Otherwise it's all a guessing game right now.