Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Favorites 12.5.14

It's officially Friday!

 Yesterday was the unofficial start of our Friday. I am not going to lie, we skimped on the school work this week and dad took another four day weekend. I love four day weekends with the family. We spent yesterday out of town with good friends and it was AWESOME. But I'll fill you in on that trip more next week.

Here are this weeks Friday picks.

{ONE} Holiday Home Tour Link-Up

I am so excited to join up with Courtney from Sweet Turtle Soup and Jenny from The Chronicles Of We. Yesterday we made the official announcement for our Holiday Home Tour. If you want to join the fun just take some (or a lot of) photos of your holiday decor, write a post, grab our button and link up with us! The link up will officially begin on 12/11 and run through 12/17. 

We would LOVE to have you join us.

Our Pretty Little Girls

{TWO} The Girls' Wish Lists

I had so much fun making a wish list for myself I made one for the girls to.  

In case you didn't notice the youngest is just a tiny bit into anything Mickey/Minnie.

Getting feed back on these lists has been fun. It appears one thing most toddlers can agree on is that Mickey Mouse is awesome. 

{THREE} Instagram

If your not following us along on Instagram you should most definitely fix that now.

While your there follow The Blog Life Community, where I just so happen to be taking over today. Follow along and see what adventures we have today.

{FOUR} Bob The Elf

Bob arrived last Friday morning. Words can't even describe how excited Marissa is that Bob is back. Here is what he has been up to since he arrived.

This year Emily was given the task of picking a middle name for Bob. She was only 1 when he made his first appearance so she obviously did not help Marissa pick his name. Now that she is almost 4 we thought she was ready. So after going through a list of names with her she quickly decided Jingle would be perfect. Bob Jingle Newman it is!

{FIVE} Favorite Things Party
Tonight I am going to attend my first favorite things party. It has became a tradition among the ladies at church and sadly I have missed the first two years. I FINALLY get to go and I can't wait.

The rules of the party are that you bring 5 of you favorite things wrapped up as presents. They can all be the same or different there is usually a spending limit per gift. You take turns sharing what your favorite things are then you draw 5 names and they get to take your present home with them. So you take 5 things and leave with 5 things. 

I guess I should decide what I am going to take soon!
I will definitely blog more about this next week. 

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Have a great weekend an we'll see you back here on Monday!

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  1. Bob Jingle sounds perfect! A favorite things party sounds wonderful! and so does a 4 day weekend - awesome!!!

  2. I'm a huge fan of Bob Jingle. He and Kringle Cox can be buddies. I'm excited for Connor to pick Kringle's middle name one day.. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Bob Jingle!!!! Love it! No shame in slacking this week! Isn't that what December is for? Ha! Can't wait to hear about the favorite things party!!! So very Oprah! ;)

  4. Bob Jingle - haha! I love it! Marcus named our Elf "two", so we've decided to give the spelling a little twist "Teu." :)
    Your 5 Favorite Things exchange sounds like SO MUCH FUN!! I might have to borrow that and see if my girl friends and I can do something similar.

    Have a great weekend, friend!!

  5. Bob Jingle!! the best!! We got an Elf last year but he/she still has been taking his/her sweet time arriving on the farm this year....maybe they'll show up tomorrow. As far as a name that one is probably going to have to wait!! haha

    Favorite things party sounds fun!! I am headed to a Pinterest party tonight!!

  6. The favorite things party sounds so fun! I may have to steal the idea for a fun girls night. And Bob Jingle might be the best elf name ever!

    1. You should steal away it was SO much fun.

      Thank you, I am loving the name to. Bob, was okay but Bob Jingle, much better :D.

  7. I love Bob Jingle - perfect little elf name :) I hope you had a great time at your party - sounds fun! :)
    Katie @ Sweet Little Ones

    1. Thank you!

      It was a BLAST I can't wait to blog about it this week.

  8. The fave things party - that sounds so fun, what did you bring home? Bob Jingle, ha love it. I thought Bob Jingle was holding a roll not baby Jesus at first. And, btw Aria saying baby Jesus when we talk about the nativity is the cutest thing.