Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Favorites 12.12.14

Hello Friday! After two four day weekends in a row it almost felt like Friday would never get here.

Today marks a special day for the blog. 

This is officially post #200! 

I know 200 isn't that many but for me it feels huge. This blog has grown more than I imagined it would and I have made so many wonderful friendships. I am so excited to see where the next 200 posts will take me.

Onto this weeks Friday picks.  

{ONE} Holiday Home Tour

Yesterday I posted our Holiday Home Tour.

I had so much fun linking up with Jenny from The Chronicles Of We and Courtney from Sweet Turtle Soup. If you want to join us the fun will continue through 12/17.

{TWO} Etsy Shop

After years of debating and thinking I took the plunge and finally opened an Etsy shop.
I am so excited and nervous about this new adventure.

You can check out my shop which currently has some beautiful plaid infinity scarves.

You can also find us on Facebook so you can stay up to date as I add more items. 
I am thinking maybe some knit items soon, ear-warmers & boot cuffs possibly. 

{THREE} Christmas Card Contest Winner

A couple months ago Marissa entered a Christmas Card contest that my dad's work holds every year. She did two drawings and I let her pick her favorite to turn in. I had completely forgot about it until last week when my dad sent me an email. Not only did Marissa win her age group, she was chosen as the overall winner for his location.

Her prize was the most obnoxious horn ever and a $50 Wal-Mart gift card.

We are so proud. 

{FOUR} Countdown To Christmas

If you aren't joining the Christmas Countdown Link-Up your missing out. We just wrapped up week 3 and it has been so much fun posting and reading about everyone's Christmas fun.

The link up continues on with any and all things Christmas.

We hope you will join us soon

{FIVE} Bob The Elf

Here is what Bob was up to this week.

Linking up with



Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday.

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  1. Bob looks like he has been busy! Congratulations on reaching 200 posts, as someone who's only on about 130 I think that's pretty amazing and I'm very happy to be your latest follower!

    1. He is a very busy guy, a lot like me ;). Thank you, thank you! Just keep going and you'll be there soon to!

  2. I'm so excited to check out your Etsy shop! Congratulations!

    Congratulations to Marissa, too! How exciting! Will they use her drawing for actual cards? $50 at Wal-Mart that's awesome! What does she have her eyes on?

  3. oh so much fun! I love the elf, that is so cute! And that scarf looks amazing! Coming over from the link up.

    1. Thank you so much that scarf is so soft and that color sold out already. Wish I had kept one for myself. Guess I need to buy some more of that fabric soon!

  4. Oh my gosh, your elf is too cute! I love seeing everyone's elf happenings!
    Also, LOVE your scarves! I need to hit up the etsy shop and send you a message! Congrats on opening up a shop!
    Just linked up with my holiday decorations. Love seeing everyone's houses so festive!

  5. yay for #200 I just started blogging not long ago, and I love watching it grow and meeting so many new people. I found you through the link your blog.

    1. Thank you! I know I have so many WAY more experienced blogging friends that I still feel like such a newbie. But I agree I absolutely LOVE meeting new people. Glad you found me!

  6. Yay for post number 200!!! Congrats to Marissa and WOA $50 is awesome! So is that scarf you've got on!! Headed over to your shop next. Oh and I LOVE bob! I hope i'm as creative next year :)

  7. Congrats for reaching 200 posts! Keep it up!

  8. How exciting, an Etsy shop!! I'll definitely be checking it out!

    Yall have a great weekend!

  9. Please tell me you'll be adding headbands to your Etsy shop?! ;) Exciting stuff, and congrats!!
    The streamers across the kiddos' door is such a fun elf idea. I can't wait for the day when we don't have middle of the night bathroom breaks so we can do that, too!

  10. Congrats on 200 posts! Just found your blog through Momfessionals.

  11. 200! yay! I love that you opened up your own etsy shop! Way to go.

  12. So awesome about the Christmas card contest! Off to check out your etsy shop!


  13. Wahoo for post #200. Exciting stuff!! And I am loving all things plaid right now. And that is so awesome that your sweet girl won the coloring contest. I love her drawing. Beyond precious! And what little kid doesn’t love $50 to spend at Wally World!? And, I adore the picture of you all in front of the tree!