Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Home Tour

I am so excited to team up with Jenny from The Chronicles Of We and Courtney from Sweet Turtle Soup for the first official day of the Holiday Home Tour. If you don't have your post ready today no worries the link up will be open through 12/17. Just grab the button and link up!

Our Pretty Little Girls
If you do have your post ready keep checking back to tour the homes as they are added.

Well let's start the tour shall we?

Living Room

Most of the decorations are concentrated in here. I didn't take pictures of everything (your welcome). 

Tree #1 This beauty stands 9 feet tall and is gorgeous.


My mom's nativity set. I loved to look at this set as a child. I feel so lucky to call it mine. 

Our Advent "wreath"

Advent calendar tree and book advent basket.

Play Room

Tree #2

One of my favorite parts of Christmas are the special toys that only come out at Christmas time. 

Christmas art projects from years past.


Tree #3


I started the tradition of putting ribbons on the cabinets the first year we moved in. Now they just look so boring the rest of the year. 

Every home needs some mistletoe

and a snowflake paper towel holder and ornament cookie jar.

Simple centerpiece

Painting I worked on.

Canvases wrapped as presents.


Tomato cage trees... they look much better at night.


Nothing beats sitting in the glow of the Christmas lights.

Yard stick star

And that's it.

Things I would like to add:
Two more trees for the girls' rooms. I am thinking 4/5 feet small trees maybe in white and pink.
Tiny skinny trees for the dining room.
More lights outside
More holiday rugs.
More holiday art work
And I have always wanted one of those 5' tall Santa mannequin things. It doesn't even need to talk or move just something to stand by the tree in the front window.

.... and my husband thinks I decorate a lot now, HA!

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  1. So many adorable details! Love the canvases wrapped up, so cute and easy! That little Christmas train in the playroom is adorable! Where is that from? And, I know it's not part of the tour, but I love how you have the framed pictures displayed in your living room!

  2. 9ft tree?! My dream! Someday we will be in a home where I have room for that! Love all your decor! Your home looks so cozy and magical with all the lights! I was just thinking last night as I drove around town after dark that (once again) I can't wait until we own a home and I get to make my scrooge of a husband (ha ha) hang lights on our house! It makes us so happy when we drive past lights, especially Mia, that I want to bring that cheer to everyone else! Love your decor!

  3. Your house is adorable! That first tree is so tall and beautiful! I wish I had room for a 9ft tree! And love the special toys in the playroom! That train set is seriously so cute!

    1. Thank you so much. A big room needs a big tree! As soon as I knew our home would have 10’ ceilings I envisioned that tree. It was actually an early Christmas present the year we moved in.

      The toys are so fun every year they get SO excited when I finally get them out.

  4. So many trees! I'm jealous ;) Makes me want to add another 3 or 4 to our house. Everything looks beautiful. I love the train set under the tree, I have a feeling that would be a big hit in our house.

  5. Your home is gorgeous!!! I love all of your decor. That 9ft tree is amazing.

  6. I love, love, love your decor! Can I move in, please? I have my sweet Gram's Nativity set. Oh, how I love it!

    And your painting is gorgeous!

  7. Your house looks so great! I absolutely love that painting (how did you do that?!) and your DIY star. I love that you have multiple trees in your house too. I'd love to get one for my daughter's room, but it's a little cramped with a crib and a pack n play in there :) Oh, and I love that toy train- where did you get it?

  8. This looks so great! Bedroom trees are the best - Ellie loves hers!!

  9. Love your decorations! Your home is so festive! Love the yard stock star! Where did you get that Christmas train on the tracks?!?! I LOVE it and Mason would go crazy for it!

    And can we talk about your gallery wall from the first picture?! You need to do a post on that because I love it!

  10. oooh so many things to love...I love your trains around the trees, I wish we had a train and I'm sure chris does even more. So that is definitely on the to-get list one year. They are just so festive. I love the snowflake art! I'll have to keep that one in mind for sometime...this year, next, etc. We've been working on art projects all week so I'm not sure how much Aria will tolerate. Love your art piece that you made, so fantastic! Love the play room tree too, I think that might be my fave.

    Thanks for hopping in for this link up!!

  11. OMG I LOVE your home and all the decorations!!! Ribbons on the cabinets and wrapping the pictures in the dining room?! GENIUS! Consider those things stolen for next year! I love special toys and books for the holidays. How fun is the train set going around the Christmas tree. I think next year we will add a tree to Callie's room too. I can't decide if it should be pink or traditional. I'm sure she'd love either but I think it would be fun for her to decorate. Oh and I want to get holiday sheets for her next year too haha! You're a great co-host! We'll have to do it again soon!

  12. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!!! You are so talented, Beth. Wrapping the pictures in the dining room was just a brilliant, cool and cheap way to decorate and it looks so cool. Great pictures!!

  13. It's all gorgeous!! I love the idea of wrapping the canvases and adding the ribbon to your kitchen cabinets! It's all perfect!
    We are on the hunt for a nativity set. You are so lucky to have one with such great memories tied to it!

  14. Love all of your little touches!!!! Love that you wrapped canvases. Looks so festive!

  15. The tomato cage trees are super cute! I've been meaning to make some, maybe I'll get some extra garland bought at the end of the season for 2015...