Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Highlights 12.19.14

Friday, finally Friday!

I can hardly believe that this time next week Christmas will be over *weeps*. I still feel like I have so much to do to get ready. I guess I have been procrastinating a bit. The presents still aren't wrapped, I  still need to pick-up stocking stuffers and I still have gift cards to purchase. Yikes! I guess I know what my weekend plans need to consist of.

Now onto the usual Friday routine...

{ONE} Christmas Vacation

As of 1:00 today school is officially out and Russ is officially off work for the next 9 days. We couldn't be more excited. Are we going anywhere? Nope! We are going to stay home, enjoy our family time and the final week of the 2014 Christmas season. 

{TWO} Christmas Card Photos

Last week I snapped some quick pictures of the girls on the porch before church for our Christmas card. I wanted to share a few more of those photos

And one more just to keep things classy. 

{THREE} I Confess...

So I have yet to do any "confessing" on my blog and I think I am long over due. So in the spirit of clearing the air and putting myself at your mercy, I thought I would dish out a secret I have been keeping for a while now.

Every time I watch this movie I cry.

I wish I could chalk it up to hormones, or having something in my eye. Anything besides me being completely ridiculous. The girls love this movie and Marissa has recently became obsessed with any talking dog movie so it has been on a lot at our house. Every time it is on (to many to count) I cry and it isn't even just one scene. It is multiple cries every time.

Please still be my friend.

What is the most embarrassing movie that has you crying?

{FOUR} Festivus

Just a friendly public reminder that Festivus is coming up on December 23rd. 
If your sitting there saying "What is Fesitvus"  your clearly not a Seinfeld fan. I'm sorry. 

If you're laughing that I thought to bring this up and knew exactly what I was talking about I kinda want to hug you right now. 

{FIVE} Bob Jingle The Elf

Here is a look at what Bob has been up to this week.

Have a great weekend! 

We will see you back here on Monday! 




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  1. Festivus for the rest of us!!! YES! My younger brother and I had a Festivus party every year...complete with the pole and feats of strength. And no tinsel...I find it distracting. ;) Bonus points if you came in a denim vest or brought bagels. Love Seinfeld!!

    Hope you have a blessed Christmas, and a very happy Festivus! :)
    Katie @ Sweet Little Ones

    1. That is so stinking awesome. Like I said, I kinda wanna hug you right now!

      You to!

  2. Santa Paws is totally cute! I can't believe Christmas is in less then a week, WHERE DID THE SEASON GO!?!! I'm kinda sad it came so quickly!

  3. Not even gonna lie, I cried while watching Sofia the First a few days ago. And I cannot blame it on hormones or anything else, I'm just ridiculous!

  4. Lol at the Santa Paws movie! Are you always emotional or just over this movie? I wasn't ever a crier until I had Lily. I was the ice queen. I cry over the last Toy story. Haha

  5. YAY for Christmas break! Much, much needed!

  6. Stopping by from the Friday link-ups. I cannot believe how fast Christmas comes on. It seems like it is faster every year but maybe I just have more to do each year! Have a very Merry Christmas!

    1. It comes so fast! I was just thinking about how sad I am that tomorrow is Christmas eve, isn't that silly?!

      Thanks for Stopping by. Merry Christmas!

  7. How is Christmas only six days away? Yet another month to just slip right on by.
    Confession: I've never seen Santa Paws. Looks like I need to change that, stat.
    Enjoy your Christmas break!

  8. Love Festivus!! I'm not gonna lie...I cry at cheesy Hallmark Channel Christmas movies...I have no doubt I would cry at Santa Paws!! Beautiful pics of your girls!! Merry Christmas!

  9. Your girls are beautiful! I love the pictures of them smiling and the ones of them being silly.
    Your elf is quite the artist! I love the banana minions!