Friday, December 26, 2014

Friday Highlights 12.26.14

It's Friday. 

Post Christmas Friday :(. 

December 26th. The day I wake up at the crack of dawn like a lunatic and hit up the stores to see what kind of Christmas goodies I can buy on clearance to put up for next year. I come home and hide them in a closet then 11 months later I try to remember where I stuffed them away. When I finally find them it is like an early Christmas present full of holiday happiness. 
You should definitely try this. 

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I can't wait to recap all about ours next week but for today I thought it would be fun to make this Friday Highlights 2014 Christmas memory style. Here are a few of my favorite memories from Christmas 2014!

{ONE} Christmas Card Winner

Marissa entered a Christmas card contest through my dads work. She was picked as the winner for his plant and won a $50 gift card.

We are so proud.

Right before Christmas we received this. It is so cool to see a drawing she made turned into an actual Christmas card.

I think I will frame one and use it as a Christmas decoration for years to come. 

{TWO} Santa Mickey

After several (years of) failed Santa attempts we FINALLY found an acceptable Santa for Emily. She was SO happy. Nothing beats seeing your kid this happy. Absolutely nothing. 

{THREE} Family Time

Christmas traditions and activities mean lots of special family time.

We took a day trip with friends to a family favorite theme park. 

{FIVE} Christmas Card Photos

Taking the photos of the girls is hard, really hard. Marissa is usually a cinch but Emily. Oh Emily. She does not enjoy the picture taking process.

I won't forget the day I ran them outside before church to snap a few photos hoping for a good Christmas card picture.

They sat, they smiled and they posed themselves.

This picture melts my heart into a puddle. I feel so blessed to call them mine.

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Have a great weekend!

I'll see you back here on Monday.

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  1. Looks like you guys had an amazing holiday season! Can't wait to hear all about Christmas :)