Monday, July 14, 2014

A Midsummer Night 10K Recap

Happy Monday, I always feel like a liar when I post that. Happy and Monday are NOT two words that I believe belong in the same sentence. But in an effort to be an optimist, I try.

Another weekend brought another race. Race 2 of a 3 part summer running series. 

Let me just start by saying it was H.O.T. temps upon starting were in the low 90's. After a fast start I realized that slowing down was a must if I had any plans of finishing this race without a walk.

Here we are not even a mile in.

 I was fighting a side cramp for the first 2 miles and breathing deeply felt almost impossible with that warm air and no breeze. BUT, somehow around mile 2.5 I found a groove and the rest of the race felt great. I didn't push to hard and I am SO thankful for my awesome running partner who kept me grounded.

We went into this race knowing the conditions were different than last month, and we had no expectations of beating last months time. I sprinted to the finish line for a 1:02:15 finish, almost 3 minute slower than last month.

I have no idea how fast I was running here but I felt invincible! I love that both feet are off the ground to channeling my inner gazelle.

If you would have told me my second race was going to be slower two months ago I would have said how disappointed that would make me. But you know what, I wasn't disappointed at all. Sometimes it isn't about a time, it's about finishing. Pushing yourself to do something outside of what makes you comfortable. If running 6.2 miles at 9:00 at night in the dark through the woods when it's 90 degrees doesn't make you a little uncomfortable, what does. 

So I will take my time and hope that maybe next month I get my 58: something. 

And if not, that is okay to. The best part of these races are moments like these.

Doing something I never imagined I could do even just one year ago with some AMAZING ladies that I get to call friends. 

How was your weekend?

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  1. Did I read that correctly, you really only start running a year ago? You're doing so fabulous, I wouldn't have ever thought that. Loved this post. Your opening statement made me chuckle a bit.

  2. WOW 90 degrees at 9pm?! I'm not sure I would've even shown up to race! I think that you stuck with it is awesome itself!! I hope the next once is much cooler!