Tuesday, July 1, 2014

When Is Picky Too Picky?

I took the girls to their Dr. appointment last week. I usually schedule them both at one time in the summer in an attempt to make it easier and with hopes that there won't be as many germs lurking around the doctor office. Appointments went well, as we expected. We were given the great news once again that we have two healthy, very well growing girls. With Russ and I both being "tall" people this has never been surprising news for us. Our children have been in the 97th% for height since birth.

While talking with the NP she asked about Emily's eating habits. I informed her how picky she is and she was less than impressed. She has been such a challenging child. She doesn't eat meat, ever. She doesn't eat vegetables, ever. And she isn't exactly open to trying new foods. She would literally eat the same meals over and over and over and not appear to get bored. The NP suggested that we buckle down, crack the whip and force her into trying and eating new foods. Which has left me wondering the question...

When is picky too picky?

She is growing, gaining weight, and getting forms of protein in her diet. Do I need to force the issue? Gentle pushing gets no where with her, she is stubborn (I have no idea where that trait came from). The idea of making every meal a battle with a sobbing child seems so unappealing. But is this just me wanting to be comfortable and avoid a needed fight. Or am I avoiding an unnecessary battle by "keeping the peace".

Every where you look you will read conflicting articles and thoughts on this subject. One person would say you are enabling them and giving them control. Them being picky is your fault as a parent. Other say that being picky is a phase that some kids go through. Feed them what they will eat. Two totally different extremes that can both relieve you emotions on the subject and leave you feeling like the worlds worst parent. 

The truth is, as silly as it seems to say my child's eating habits do not define me as a good or bad parent. And some days I need to say that out loud.
As for the fate of Emily. We are still in discussion of what we should do. She comes from a LONG line of many former picky eaters that have all turned out just fine.

Do you have a picky eater?

When is pick too picky for you?

Do you have any advice to share with others?


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  1. What did the Dr have to say vs. the NP? I currently have a pretty good eater who has her moments but I think it's luck not nature. I mean sure I offered her lots of things but I was a super picky eater until some time in my mid twenties - then it just became fun to try new foods. I remember my parents trying the sit at the table until you eat the food, serving it at new meals, the one bite method, etc. Nothing changed my mind until I was ready. So I think I'm of the mindset if she's healthy and growing I wouldn't make a battle out of it.

  2. I have a picky eater. She is also happy to eat the same thing for all 3 meals. Some days that's exactly what we do. I do try to put something new out and have her lick it. Gross, but it's the only way I can get it near her mouth. Most the time it's a a flop but at least she's kinda trying it. I gotta remember that this too shall pass.

  3. I think as long as you are offering healthy options there is no need to force food on your little. We did baby led weaning for our little one and the whole premise is they pick what to eat. Research even says if kiddos feed themselves they generally develop better eating habits in the long run! At first our little ate everything and has become more picky (seems weird to me but maybe it is normal?). Anyways… we just keep offering and she will eat however much of the healthy options I serve. Don't know if that helps… think you are doing a great job mama :) Thanks for linking up with WYWW!