Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer Play Date

It is the 3rd of July and we are cruising through our Summer Bucket List!

Check out our progress!

I say we are making pretty good progress!

Speaking of progress, yesterday we marked two things off of the list. We did some multitasking and invited some friends over for a play date where we happened to have a water balloon fight. It was Fun, chaotic, and a bit crazy. 

I spent my morning filling about 100 water balloons

We swam in the old kiddie pool, they packed in that little thing like sardines.

We played on the trampoline, with the sprinkler!

There were pirate adventures that involved rescuing a sleeping mermaid.

And the water balloon fight. All that time filling up those balloons...

For a 1 minute balloon fight.

 It is kind of funny really. Half of the balloons were dropped or thrown on the ground. The others seemed to bounce off kids and break on the ground. My favorite part is the whole thing happened like this, withing a 6 foot radius of the balloon tub.

It was funny and so worth it.

When all the balloons were gone there were a few tears. And nothing cures a broken heart like a popsicle! Bomb pops, of course!

Fun, chaotic and a bit crazy indeed. 
Thanks for coming to play friends!

Did you make a summer bucket list?

How is your summer bucket list going?

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  1. That looks like a super fun play date! I want to have my daughter try out water balloons this summer too - just haven't done it yet! I also love the trampoline with the sprinkler -- loads of fun there!!

  2. Fun!!!!!! Such a fabulous play date idea! I can't help but think you're still finding random balloon pieces in the yard. Ha! Kiddie pool, trampoline, water balloons, and Popsicles...i would say you covered all the summer fun topics in one play date! Bravo!