Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Riding Solo

Sometimes I can't believe how big she is getting this summer. 

Turning 6 and loosing her first tooth (with two more soon to be lost as well). Running and playing so independently. When I think back it seems like just days ago she was my summer baby, splashing in a baby pool, taking her first swim lessons, discovering the slides, swinging. But I am quickly brought back to reality when I see her do something like this. 

This was it, the summer she would learn to ride without training wheels. We did the classic daddy pushing her and letting her go and she went. But then we were met with the more difficult task of being able to do it on her own. She tried and tried and tried. After many days of practice and a few frustrations it finally clicked and she did it. 

She hopped on her bike and just took off like she had been doing it for weeks. 

Moments like these make my heart soar.

To have watched her practice and practice and see her succeed.

It was priceless

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  1. Way to go! There's no stopping her now. :-)

  2. aw! Yay! It seems like she picked up on that fast. I feel like these are moments people always remember. I totally remember learning how to ride a bike, and being completely terrified in the process " dad..promise you won't let go?". haha!

  3. Way to go! We are still working with Aubrey to ride hers. She's still so scared and will jump off her bike if she even thinks we are about to let go.

    What a memorable summer this is for you all!

  4. She looks like a total natural at it!!

  5. She looks like she's been doing it for months not just weeks! I just love this big kid stuff! :)

  6. That is awesome! I loved bike riding so much as a kid. Then Chris talked me into a bike ride with hills and sharp turns and death at every corner and I came back bloodied and scarred for life. Florida is flat...I was not prepared for the craziness.