Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's The Little Things/ Swimming

My biggest goals for summer this year was to swim. I know that sounds pretty lame and completely expected for summer. But that isn't always the case with us, in fact I don't even think we made a single trip to the pool last year. That is, or should be some sort of summer hypocrisy or crime of some sort.
With swimming being on the top of my summer fun list. We have taken any chance that we find to go. One of the best ways to do that has been attending free swims. Joplin has 3 nice aquatic centers and each park has one day that admission is free for 2 hours. This has allowed us plenty of chances to swim for free!

Here are some pictures from our summer swimming adventures.

We have had so much fun this summer and I am so glad that finally swimming is able to be a consistent part of our summer routine. 


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  1. We go swimming at least once a week but since we are in central Texas, that's really a must to keep cool and not melt away.
    Everyone seems to have enjoyed swimming and splashing around.

  2. How fun!! Ok I am going to start a search to see if there are any free swim places near me!!!

  3. aw that looks so fun! I need to get a bathing suit...I just avoid buying one, because shopping for one stresses me out. I do love to swim, though! :)

  4. Girlfriend! I feel like you are the queen at finding inexpensive/free fun!!!!! Wish we lived closer so you could share your secrets and we could join in the fun! Seriously though, is it just word of mouth?

  5. Holy smokes, three aquatic centers with free swim?! That's amazing. You are so lucky!!

  6. Can you believe we have only went swimming (besides the lake) one time this summer- sad I know
    Our local pool is not nearly that awesome. Maybe if it was we would visit more often :)

  7. Glad you go to do lots of free swimming! Loving the lazy river type floating. That is always my favourite. I wonder what Aria would think of it. Makes me want to take her to water park just for that. Too bad Disney doesn't have a free day!