Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Great Donut Quest Continues

This will be the third part of a small series we have been working on.

The quest to find the ULTIMATE DONUT!

Just so you know, in my head I hear a grand echoing voice bellowing that out. .

A couple months ago the girls and I took in upon ourselves to locate the best donut shop in the Joplin area. So far we have posted about 3 shops, you can read about them in our first and second donut posts. After we visited College Station we had plans of making one final stop. But plans changed when we sporadically added another contender to the list with an unplanned donut stop on Saturday morning.

Before we get "all serious" talking about our donut stop I thought it would be fun to share a little donut humor.


Hope you found those as funny as I did. That Brian Regan bit has kept me snickering at donut shops for YEARS now.

The Donut Hole

First off let say the word hole being in the name is completely appropriate. This place was quite a "hole in the wall" It wasn't fancy, or well decorated. But it was full of locals picking up their regular orders, sitting around drinking coffee and catching up on all the new gossip.

This was the display (pardon the blurry thumb picture). That's it! That was all they had. It was about 9:00 and the inventory was pretty low. We placed our order for some cake donuts and a couple glazed that were in the process of being made at the time. 

Marissa would not stop raving about how delicious her strawberry donut was. She said it was the best donut she had ever had. 

After some waiting, these came.

They were still so warm I could barely hold it to take this picture. Words can't even say how delicious it was, UH-mazing. 

So now the donut shop that was the least pleasant to hang out at, had the lowest selection and inventory some how magically has the tastiest donuts we have had so far. And, I haven't even brought up the fact that they are the cheapest to!

How will we ever pick a favorite? Good thing we still have at least one more stop before we have to choose a winner.

What is your hands down favorite kind of donut to eat?
I am a maple bar gal. Leave me a comment and let me know what you like.

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  1. Honestly, I enjoy the bagged powdered donuts. ha! Before this series, I never even knew you could actually eat inside a donut shop! I do enjoy a good cake donut though and some times you can stumble upon a really delicious glazed donut...not too often though.

  2. Did you hit up any donut shops on National Donut Day? We made three stops in one morning and it was amazing. At each place I got my go-to, regular glazed donut (all for free)! Talk about glorious. And, of the three places in KC, Lamar Donuts was THE best!!

  3. I love donuts so I think I could really enjoy this quest with you and the girls. There is a couple places locally that are big hits with the Texans here but I'm like.. umm, thanks but no thanks. Hope you find the best doughnut soon.

  4. Okay, so apparently donuts are " in" right now. I'm hearing about donuts all over the place; it's really weird! haha! I like the traditional glazed donut so much better than all the other ones out there. My favorite is the starbucks old fashioned donut; however, I haven't had one in years. Try to watch my figure! haha! I'm craving a donut now, though and I'm blaming it on you =P

  5. "The doughnut shop that doesn't have any doughnuts" I stopped even trying.

    I'm a 'regular' but after the 3rd day in a row of dropping in before 9am, and finding that they were out of most, if not all doughnuts "We have maple bars and blueberry cake." I finally said enough is enough and stopped going.

    It's worth the drive for dudes.