Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Monthly Goals {December 2015}

December is here!

December is here and that means that by doing this post today, I somehow managed to set monthly goals for the entire 2015 calendar! Even if I kind of bombed on some of them at least I gave it a try and kept going. 

Setting goals has been a great way to keep me focused through the year and is something that I definitely plan continue in 2016. Sometimes I often feel like these posts are more for myself than anyone else and wonder if they are a good idea for the blog. But, the idea of motivating or encouraging someone else to work on setting and achieving their own goals, while I work on mine, keeps me going.

*Continue blogging 4-5 days a week.
*Plan some fun holiday posts
*Reach 1,000 Instagram followers
*Participate in a giveaway

Blog posts have been consistent and there is more Holiday fun going on in the world of blogging than I can handle. I participated in a holiday shopping cash giveaway and I am currently almost to 1100 Instagram followers!

*Family movie night
*Family game night
*Put leaves on our thankful tree each day
*Donut date

We played games, watched movies and our Thankful Tree was overflowing.

We missed out on the donut date but that is probably for the best with all the other tasty foods we have been eating lately. 

*Workout 4-5 Days a week
*Complete Level 6 of the new rules program
*Miraculously do one chin-up
*Share about my journey the past 6 months
Fitness goals completely bombed this month. I suffered a slight knee injury, got horribly sick then became so sore from one really intense workout that I couldn't do anything for days #FAIL. I also never posted about what's been going on in my head.

But next month I can try again!

*Continue reading Women of the Word
*Keep trying to connect at church
*Bi-weekly meetings with Sarah.
*Begin to focus hearts young and old on being thankful and the reason we celebrate the holidays.

I went to another women's event and spent a lot of time talking about being thankful with the girls. I am hoping that will help us transition into Christmas nicely. Meetings with Sarah just didn't happen. That was mostly my fault since I was so sick and busy :(. 

Home School-
*Stay on track with lesson plans
*Go on a field trip
*Have a blast on Thanksgiving break

Lesson plans are on track and Thanksgiving break was just what we needed to push us through the rest of the first semester. But with busy days and sickness the field trip failed again. 

*Deck the halls
*Begin Christmas Shopping
*Get scripture and book advents ready
*Make a Christmas Bucket List
*Bake a coconut cream pie

The halls are decked, Christmas shopping is slow but steady and our advents are already going. I made and shared a fun bucket list printable and that coconut cream pie, boy was it good!

November may have been my biggest bomb so far but I'll put last month behind me and move forward.

*Continue blogging 4-5 days a week.
*Do something fun on the blog for my birthday.
*Host a Holiday link-up.

*Complete our Christmas Bucket List.
*Christmas Get-a-way
If we do everything on our list it will provide PLENTY of Holiday fun.

*Re-evaluate goals in this area.
*Work out 3 days a week.
*Create a new plan for 2016.

*Keep trying to make connections at church.
*Focus on celebrating advent personally and as a family.

Home School-
*Stay on track with lesson plans.
*Survive until December 17th. Our last formal day of school for 2015!

*Invite someone over for lunch or dinner.
*Spend more time with my kiddos.
*Soak up my favorite season of the year.

So my goals this month may be lame and honestly when I first sat down to write this post, this wasn't the direction I planned to take. I think in order to go into 2016 with my "A game" I need to refocus my heart and think through things a bit more than I usually do and the best way I know to do that is to scale back. 

So this month I am going to hug my kids more and worry less about all the little things.

What goals do you have to close out the year?

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