Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My Christmas/Birthday Wishlist {2015}

Once again I had so much fun making wish lists for the girls that I decided to make one for myself. Last year I put some pretty insane items on my wish list and God amazingly provided all of them. Through presents, Christmas money and a few really great sales and coupons, it was awesome. I don't expect to receive everything on this years list, but I also decided to scale it back quite a bit. 

So, without further explanation here is this years Christmas/Birthday wishlist:

1) A Lens hood. I've been meaning to pick one of these up for quite some time.
2) An essential oil diffuser. It is long past time to take the plunge.
3) Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven. In teal, it is just SO pretty.
4) A Lens Pen. This little tool is SO handy.
5) A wireless blue tooth adapter, so I can easily play music in the house from my phone.
6) A vest. It doesn't have to be this one, but I do really like it.
7) A speedlite flash, my indoor photography wish come true.
8) A new wallet. Mine is falling apart, literally.

And there you have it my 2015 Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday to me list!

What's on your list?
Did I miss anything good?

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