Monday, December 28, 2015

Turning 30 {Anniversary #2}

In the spirit of celebrating the second anniversary of my 30th birthday I thought it would be fun to put together some little bits of randomness about me.

1) I was born on my grandpa's birthday. So today is a day to celebrate him too. Happy Birthday grandpa!

2) I spent the past two days un-decorating my entire house like a crazy woman because I just want everything put away before my birthday. Which I will add I don't really love. 3 days after Christmas, between Christmas and New Years. Oh how easily forgotten it can be. My family has always been super awesome though.

3) My favorite color is gray, boring I know.

4) I am so far from trendy it's actually quite comical. Example: I just bought my first pair of skinny jeans a month ago #whoa.


6) Sometimes I add hashtags to a verbal conversation. In my defense it is mostly just with Russ and he finds it pretty comical (lucky for me).

7) I used to knit all the time... where did all my free time go?

8) My favorite kind of cake is Tres Leches cake. One year my dear friend made me one for my birthday though I doubt she will repeat it this year since she is currently in Hawaii #jealous. She did take me out to lunch before she left though.

9) I'm kinda tall, although I don't consider 5'10" that tall?! Yes? No? The girls both seem like they will be pretty tall too. I wonder if one of them will be taller than me. That's weird to think about.


11) I am putting these photos in there because I love pictures and I don't have to think of as much to say that way. How's that for honesty?!

12) Speaking of honesty, I hate being lied to.

13) On my 12th birthday I came down with a severe case of bacterial meningitis, had to be med flighted to another town and medically speaking should have died. Have I ever mentioned that God is good?!

14) I had Marissa's name picked out for years before she was born. So thankful that Russ loved it.


16) I kind of like the smell of patchouli oil, I know, it's terrible! But, some weird part of me almost likes it. 

17) My favorite show ever is Seinfeld. I consider friends that I can laugh about Seinfeld with to be some of the best friends I have.

18) I REALLY do like cars and probably know more about what's under the hood of a car than a lot of guys.

19) My biggest regret from when we built our house was not putting granite counters in. I kick myself over that decision ALL the time.


21) I don't really drink soda, coke, pop, cola or whatever you want to call it.

22) I'm ridiculously stubborn. So, so, SO stubborn.

23) I never in a million years pictured myself a home school mom. Always a mom, usually a stay at home mom, NEVER a home school mom. 

24) A messy house makes me a bit twitchy. I'm kind of a neat freak but having kids has tamed me down quite a bit.


26) I've had my nose pierced since I was 20. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever take it out or if I'll just be a super cool grandma some day.

27) I feel most at home in the kitchen. I LOVE to cook, bake, create, you name it. I speak love to my family through the food I make them. 

28) Think of a feminist then think of the total polar opposite. That's me. I mean do I really need the right to vote?! HA! I'm kidding... just a little bit. But seriously I love letting a man be a man and take care of things. 

29) I could eat Mexican food 5 nights a week and never get tired of it. 


Bonus #1) Just say the words salted caramel and you will instantly have my full attention. 

Bonus #2) I can't say enough about how thankful and blessed I feel by the support I have. 

The past year was a great one however I am pretty excited to see what adventures are in store for 2017 and year #32.
I mean 30 ;)!

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