Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Fun Recap #3 {2015}

First of all, Happy Festivus!
If you read this and smile, I love you!

Next, Tomorrow is Christmas eve!

As much as I wanted to slow down the holidays this year it doesn't seem like I was able to figure out how to do that. Here we are with only 2 days to go until Christmas is over. Which reminds me, I REALLY need to wrap the presents.

If you missed Recap #1 or Recap #2 you can catch up if you'd like.
Otherwise enjoy our last full week of Christmas fun.
Another week of the photo challenge is complete and I am still hanging in there.

This weeks photo prompts were:

I'll wrap up this photo challenge in my final Christmas fun post next week.

Christmas Bucket List
Look at that list!!!
 I thought I made it to big but we can TOTALLY finish this!
Here is a look at what we have been up to lately.

Make an ornament
We did it, we finally did it. We made homemade cinnamon dough ornaments!

They turned out so cute. We plan to give a few away and keep some around for ourselves.

Christmas Themed Breakfast
Saturday was the day for our second annual Christmas breakfast.

I spy Bob in the next photo, can you find him?

We had pumpkin muffins, donut snowmen, hot cocoa and candy cane fruit.

The girls were SO excited and even more appreciative, which always makes this mamas heart so happy.

Give Back
On Monday I took the girls to do a bit of shopping. They picked out some items to put in the food donation bin then a toy to donate to Toys for Tots. 

So great to take time to talk about why we give with the girls.

Date Night
On Saturday Russ and I had a date night to his jobs Christmas party. It was a great night away and we ended up staying up way to late. 

He refused to take a serious photo that night. He either stared at me with creepy eyes or waited until I was going to snap the photo and tried to licked my cheek.

Little does he know that I'll post whatever photos I get. HA, take that ;). 

Bob Jingle
I can't believe Bob will he headed off soon. Although "entertaining" a guest for a month can be a bit exhausting ;). Here are some of his latest shenanigans.

I'll admit, I will kind of miss the guy this time next week. 

Have you wrapped up your Christmas fun yet?

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