Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday Talk: Christmas Ornament Show & Tell {2015}

I have been wanting to tell this story for quite a while but the right chance hasnt' came along... until today.

Many of you know that back in 2011 we survived a little tornado. Okay, maybe a mile wide F5 doesn't exactly classify as little. The tornado changed everything. After the initial state of shock a few days go by and you switch into recovery mode picking up the bits and pieces of what used to be your home. About 2 days later I was ready to try and find some Christmas ornaments in a garage that was gone, literally gone. I thought I spied what looked like parts of the roof in the distance and I took off walking.

The way I felt that day is something I will never forget. Seeing broken keepsakes and decorations scattered all around like garbage was heart breaking. But they weren't all gone. Some how I ended up digging in a pile along a fence line and I couldn't believe what I found.

The ornaments that meant the most to me were all there, untouched, together, laying in the debris. It was as if God knew the exact ornaments I would really want and He saved them special just for me.

Our first married Christmas ornament.

The delicate paper lantern  the sweetest oriental man gave me on my 8th birthday.
It was even in a plastic baggie that for the life of me I don't remember putting it in.

Marissa's first Christmas ornaments.

The special ornament  I had bought for Marissa the Christmas before Emily was born. 

My sorrow turned to joy!

I may have lost a lot, but this handful of ornaments and Marissa's Christmas stocking were enough.

The garage.

Me looking for ornaments among what use to be our garage.

Where I found them buried

3 month old Emily sleeping away, she was such a trooper.

Looking back at these photos stirs up so many emotions, memories and an overwhelming feeling of love. 

God is so good friends. 

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