Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tuesday Talk: The Guy Behind The Blog {December 2015}

He's back.

Is it strange that I feel like that should come as a warning? After taking a month off I some how convinced him to once again play along for another round of "The Guy Behind The Blog".

Now one would think that me being a lover of all things Christmas would have rubbed off (or worn him down) by now. But I really don't think it has. Be prepared for a few bahumbugs, sighs and grumbles. But if you've read one of these posts before, I am sure you already expect a few of those. 

I asked...

1// What's on your Christmas list this year?

To not have to go to work. We don't buy each other gifts. Do we?! Maybe a gun if I had to pick something. But that would really probably just be a gift for you.

2// Did you believe in Santa as a child? Do you have any funny Santa stories?

Uh, yeah. I did.
*Long pause*
No, I don't, I don't have any funny Santa stories. It was funny when I figured out my parents were eating the cookies.
Me: What do you mean?
You know, they were all like leaving the crumbs and all the signs that Santa had ate the cookies.

3// What is a Christmas tradition you hope to pass on someday?

*Laughter followed by head shaking*
Me: I can think of one.
I can't.
Me: I hope they have to more around one of the those creepy little elf dolls every night, maybe that is just spite speaking. Just kidding. Although I do hope they go through the trouble of doing all kinds of cool things for their kids to just think it's a dumb doll. HA!
I got nothing. I guess I just want them to still want to hang out with us.
Me: Me too.

4// Do you open presents on Christmas morning or a different time?

Me: I think this next question is kind of dumb so hang in there with me. I ask the question then say what is the point of this question?
Some people celebrate Christmas at different times. Both, we celebrate on Christmas eve and Christmas day with our families. 

5// What is your favorite Christmas song? Movie?

Song? The Beach Boys Christmas album.
Movie, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

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