Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Fun Recap #2 {2015}

I can hardly believe almost a whole week has passed since our first Christmas fun recap?! I really wish there was a way to slow the holiday fun down so we could really soak it all in. Since we have been so busy, I thought it would be fun to do another check in to see how all things Christmas are going!

Another successful week of photo challenge picture taking.

This weeks prompts were


I'll let you guess which is what ;).
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Bucket List

Our list keeps getting closer to complete. 
I think we might be able to wrap this list up once we finish school for the year... TOMORROW!!!!

Hot Cocoa & Games

Our annual family game night never disappoints, we may even have an encore round next week!

Write Letters to Santa

Letters to Santa were wrote and dropped off at the post office. The worker made a comment that Santa writes back, but even if he doesn't the girls seem to have quickly forgot about that comment, shwoo!!!

Look at Christmas Lights

Pretty safe to say we nailed the looking at Christmas lights when we visited the "most illuminated theme park in America last week.

Visit Santa

Since our last check in we had our third, fourth and fifth Santa visits. Although I only have photos from 2 of them to share today. The girls know that not every Santa is "the real" Santa. However they are pretty convinced that this guy is the real deal.

I'm almost convinced that he is too

But let's not forget to mention a HUGE milestone. Look who is smiling on Santa's lap!!!!

Even Santa looks a bit surprised and suspicious.

After 3 years of photos with Emily screaming her head off, she impulsively decided on the way to Russ' work party that "I am going to be brave, I am going to sit in Santa's lap!" And just like that she did with absolutely no hesitation.

So weird.... and so cute. 

So naturally I rewarded her with cookies and cupcakes before dinner.

Bob Jingle

Oh that Bob, he's pretty much the coolest ever if you want my opinion ;) Here's a look at what he has been up to lately.

He apparently is a rock star skater boy, he drew us a card for our card wreath and he spent some time with baby Jesus, reminding us what Christmas is all about.

We found him watching TV with his friends when we got back from our trip.
He is always pretty quick to make himself comfortable.

He brought us a Tinkerbell ornament and left Marissa a note. Played Jack in the box with the tissues and posed for a picture.

Our mornings are always more exciting when Bob is around.

Only 9 more days to go, can you believe it?!

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