Sunday, December 20, 2015

Santa Baby {8 Years of Memories}

Last year I put together a Christmas throwback post sharing all about our families Christmas past. This year I thought it would be fun to do something similar only change things up a bit. This years throwback isnSanta photos. 2015 was our 8th year of visiting Santa and I think in those 8 years we have experienced every emotion from completely giddy to absolutely mortified.

Let's take a look.

In 2008 Marissa would was 6 months old. This was her very first photo ever taken with Santa and I think he is the most realistic Santa I have ever seen. 

We also saw Santa at the library and she took this photo with her cousin.

She was a little more afraid (you can tell by the blank expression every photo) but she still cooperated. 

When we survived 2010 I knew we were in the clear. My sweet Marissa never gave me the classic screaming with Santa photo. If I am being honest that was a TINY bit disappointing #meanmommy.

We apparently only saw one Santa and my best picture is fuzz #fail. But we had two precious girls and 9 month old Emily didn't seem to mind the fat man.

And then she got a bit older. Sister is still clearly smitten, but Emily? Oh poor sweet Emily.

She wanted NOTHING to do with the guy.

I thought we had made a huge improvement. She walked right up to the guy, reached out and as he sat her on his lap she refused to make eye contact with him.

As you can see by this photo.

Weeks later she wouldn't even approach the guy.
The irony of her shirt and face. She is clearly conflicted ;). 

I had hopes that an almost 4 year old Emily would feel differently.
No such luck. Failure after failure.

But I did manage to find the PERFECT Santa for her that year. She was SO happy.

And then came 2015. She told me she was going to be brave and she was. My first ever photo of two happy girls with Santa Claus. I will treasure this photo forever!

8 amazing years of photos with Santa.

I have no idea how much longer we have in this season. This could be the very last year that Marissa believes he is real. We have always said that the day she asks we won't hide the truth. But I would like to think that someday, when it is time to tell her, we'll explain that the things we love most about Santa exist through the kindness and goodness in people.

So in our hearts he is real, if we just believe.

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