Monday, October 5, 2015

Count Down to Halloween, Bucket List Check-In #1

Hello Monday!

Today kicks off week one of the "official" Countdown to Halloween and we are so excited to join in the fun again this year. I hope to use these posts to keep you updated on our Halloween adventures and to share the details as we mark things off our Fall Bucket List

So far this is what we have done:

Visit a Corn Maze

This weekend we went out to Pathways Corn maze. Pathways has became an annual tradition for our family and this year was just as fun as the years before (you can check out last years trip here).

We couldn't have asked for better weather. Sunny 60 something degrees and a crisp fall breeze in the air.

They played in the hay maze.

We took a hayride. Of course we couldn't forget the obligatory family hayride selfie.

Taking a barrel train ride is always a favorite!

Selfie with my guy.

Plenty of photo ops

Lastly there was the corn maze. We keep waiting for the year the girls want to go through the whole entire thing instead of taking the early exit but once again we lucked out and only had to do about 1/5 of it. 

Have a Bonfire and S'mores

Friday night I bribed the girls #noshame. It was something like "if you help clean up the house and your rooms maybe we can make s'mores later". Little did they know I had already planned to make s'mores regardless. The weather was just to perfect not too.

This is how we do s'mores.

Once you use Nutella you just never want to use anything else ever again.

Sitting out there in the cold by the fire watching Russ chase the girls around the yard *sigh*.
My heart was overwhelmed with how very, very blessed we are. 

Pick Apples

Last Wednesday I dished up the details of the first time I took the girls apple/pear picking and how very "helpful" they were.

This was a new item on this years bucket list and it was so nice to load up on apple goodies for months to come for free. 

Attend a Fall Festival

I don't know if it was really a "fall festival" but it was a festival in the fall so I say the hot air balloon festival counts.

I already shared several photos but here are a few new ones!

We also had a spooky story time with our new friend Bones and worked on some crafts this week too.

As of October 5th this is where we are on our list, 4/15 done.

I know at least one thing is going to get crossed off that list tomorrow and hopefully we'll wrap up a few more so we have lots to share with you next week!

Today I am linking up with Courtney and some other amazing ladies!

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