Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Insta-Life Lately {October 2015}

Okay I'll confess...

Ever since I learned how to embed IG photos into a blog post directly I have been just waiting to jump at the first chance I got to do an Instagram post. Which is exactly why I am doing this post today.

So I bought this cup the cup at Walmart last week.... I haven't stopped using it since then. It is perfect in every way and I finally have a big cup that I can claim as mine and only mine. Most of the coffee cups in our house belong to Russ. I should really change that. 

Sticking with the pumpkin spice theme I drew up this chalk board a couple weeks ago.

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Anyone else get suckered into half price cone day at Sonic ALL the time? I am pretty sure they have it at least once a month declaring it's national ice cream day. I kinda want to argue and say that, that day only comes once a year. But you know, any reason to celebrate ;). 

I love a good sunset. This one was magical to watch.

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I found the Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart and it seems I am not the only one swooning over it. The color palette matches our home perfectly. Pretty sure I need a few accent pieces to liven my kitchen up a bit.

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These girls.
Best friends and worst enemies... sometimes just minutes apart.

My new riding boots arrived the other day and they are everything I wanted. So I am now only partly sad that my old pair met their doom. Okay, I'm not really sad at all.

One of my most recent chalk boards. The hand lettering on this one was spot on, I hardly erased and it looked amazing. I almost didn't want to erase this one but I wanted to make a new one so I did.
 I really wish I had hung up a chalkboard a couple years ago.

And that's a little bit of life lately via Instagram.
If your not already following us along, we'd love to have you!

Happy Hump Day friends!

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