Sunday, October 18, 2015

Project Sunday {September 2015}

Another month long over means it is time to share more photos!

Back in January I challenged myself to take one photo a week for the entire year. Since we are home schoolers, and let's just be honest the stereotype of pj's all day is sometimes true, I chose to do our photos on Sunday before church. 

Here is a look at weeks 35-39!

They aren't girly girls at all are they?
Marissa with her hand posed so sweetly, Emily with her silly grins. 

Emily was pretty pleased that she got a turn to wear the new dangly earrings this week. Sometimes the battle over who wears which earrngs and headband can be a bit dramatic. 
Ah yes, I just can't wait until they share clothes #sarcasm.

I spy Mickey Mouse!
The weather started cooling off this week but we had yet to buy or dig out any cooler weather shoes, oopps!

The last time Marissa wears that dress!
It always seems like they get way to short, way to fast. The tall girl problems start young I guess.

Someone just HAD to wear her cowgirl boots right after getting them.
Now if I could just get Emily to smile like this every week. 

5 more weeks shared and I'm all caught up through the end of September.

I'll admit it, as much as I love these photos sometimes in the chaos I grumble when I realize I have to squeeze in a picture too.

But when I look back on this, it is so worth it.

Happy Sunday!

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