Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Countdown to Halloween, Bucket List Check-In #2

Today I am linking up late for the Countdown to Halloween week #2. Other posts kept me busy earlier in the week but that's probably for the best since we were kinda lazy in the bucket list department last week. At least this way I was able to cross one more thing off our list before writing this post. 

Here is what we crossed off since our last check-in.

Family Photos
I shared my favorites in the "official photo post" but I thought I would share a few more here.

Sweet sisters

 Fun vintage feel to this one... except I shouldn't be smiling. 
Have you ever noticed they never smiled in old pictures?

Typical care free Emily.

I am pretty sure he had just licked me. You may laugh but I'm completely serious.

How we roll.

Backyard Camp Out

I laughed as I put it on our list but I knew the girls would LOVE it if we could make it happen. I planned it and cancelled because it was too cold. Then I picked another day that would work "better" and forgot to double check the forecast. Yup, it was COLD.

It was warm early in the evening.


But it cooled off enough for a fire and s'mores of course!

They were "ready" to go to bed at 7:40.

We did some relaxing and reading.

Around 9:00 I drew the line and said we needed to fall asleep and they finally did. I woke up around 3:30 half frozen then took a quick glance at my phone to see 44 degrees, WHAT?! I should have double checked the forecast! I went inside got extra blankets and dozed back of until around 6:30 when Marissa woke up.

We finally were all up and out around 7:00 so we built a fire and hung out with our hot cocoa (coffee for me) until time to go in for school.

I hope they always remember this night.
I never imagined myself sleeping in the backyard with the girls but making those memories with them is so worth it. 

Fall fun that wasn't on our list...

2015 Pumpkin Run

I could probably cross the fall craft off the list but I'm keeping it on there just in case I do something more impressive.

Speaking of art, check out my latest Halloween chalkboard!

As of October 13th this is where we are on our list, 6/15 done.

We didn't manage to cross much off our list this week, but we did cross off a couple of big ones. I'm happy and optimistic that we will be able to finish off our list with no problem.

Today I am linking up with Courtney and some other amazing ladies!

Sweet Turtle Soup

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