Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Healthy Human

Recently I was invited by Healthy Human to try out some of their products. The level of excitement I had was a little embarrassing. You see, my current water bottle situation consisted of a cup that I received at the hospital when Marissa was born and a cheap water bottle with a straw that I constantly worry isn't very clean #paranoid. I was LONG over due for an upgrade.

Before my package came I went to check out the Healthy Human website and Facebook page, the excitement escalated. I could hardly wait for my package to arrive!
And then it did.

I opened it up and instantly smiled. The neatly packaged box with bright colored paper was perfect.
Then I dug in a little further...
Each box was clearly labeled with information about that particular cup. Boy am I a sucker for attention to detail. From the material it is made from, how long it keeps things cold or hot and even what it is ideal for, the boxes told it all.

But it gets better!
Upon opening the boxes each cup is neatly packaged in it's own reusable bag with washing directions and a Healthy Human sticker. The details and thought that go into this packaging are impressive.

Before I had even tried out the products I was already feeling sold on this company.

Let's talk a bit about reasons why you should choose Healthy Human.

*Rounded corners
*BPA free & stainless caps
*Eco-friendly and recyclable
*18/8 food grade stainless steel
*Vacuum insulation
*Mouth opening
*Sustainable packaging
*Easy care and use

Their website highlights the above points in detail be sure to check it out.

So how do the stack up?

The pints are the fun new glasses that everyone wants to drink out of. They are creative and cheerful, plus they neatly stack for easy put away and since they are stainless they wont break when they get dropped.
Because we know they will. 

The tumbler quickly became know as "moms cup"

This cup has impressed me more than I thought a cup ever could. When they say it is insulated, they mean business. I can put ice water in this cup and 8+ hours later there is still ice in my water! It is the perfect cup to use around the house or to grab on the go.

Odds are if you have seen me out and about lately I have been carrying this stein around. It keeps my water cold for up to 24 hour or my coffee hot for 12. It fits in my console, isn't awkward or bulky and is easy to drink out of. Anyone who has ever dumped water down their shirt drinking using a stein can appreciate that.

Healthy Human is all about creating products that you can take anywhere.
 I believe they have achieved success.

Inspiring people every where to ditch the one use bottles & cups#takeitwithu

With the holidays coming be sure to keep Healthy Human in mind.
From now through 12/31/15 you can use the following code to receive 10% off!
10% off coupon code!

Thank you Healthy Human for giving me the chance to try your products and sponsoring today's post!
For more information you can read my disclosure statement.

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