Sunday, October 25, 2015

American Sniper & 4 Other Must See Movies, Not On Netflix

Have you been trying to find American Sniper on Netflix? I know I was! there are so many movies on my must see list, but Netflix continues to disappoint. To find out the where you can find American Sniper and tons of other must see movies, keep reading. 
Time and time again I grab the remote to do some movie browsing, get frustrated and turn the TV off. Big surprise there is nothing new, again. The shows I want to watch, the movies that I really want to see, I can pretty much guarantee that I won't find them on Netflix.

Netflix, your movie selection stinks!
It is frustrating, boring, disappointing and out dated.

There, I said it. And I know that I am not be the only person that feels this way. I have had way to many conversations that tell me I'm not the only person let down by Netflix. 

There has to be a solution right?
Of course there is.
Allow me to introduce you to VidAngel.

I'll be honest I had never heard of VidAngel until a little over a week ago, so naturally I had a lot of questions. The biggest of those being what is VidAngel? VidAngel is the first and only family-friendly streaming video filter. Instantly I wanted to learn more and was able to find answers to all of my questions on their website under the blue "click here for help" tab at the bottom of the screen. 

The very first thing I noticed was their movie selection, it was HUGE! New movies, old movies, kids movies, TV series. There was so much to choose from, everyone's favorites were there. I kept saying "I want to see that one and that one and that one". How would I ever choose where to start. 
Then I kept thinking none of these are on Netflix... 
I looked through the movies and came up my list of 5 must see films you can watch on VidAngel but won't be able to find on Netflix. I chose movies that came out pretty recently. I feel like I should say my list could have gone on forever. There are just so many great titles to choose from. 
1) American Sniper
Bradley Cooper, enough said ;). 

2) Cinderella
I have been so excited to watch this movie with my girls.

3) Pitch Perfect 2
Everyone loves a good sequel.

4) Home
My kids LOVE this movie. 
It is a family movie night must see.

5) San Andreas
Because who doesn't want to panic for 2 hours?!

And the titles just keep going on and on!

So the next time you want to watch a movie skip the frustration of Netflix and head on over to VidAngel.
I guarantee you will find something you actually want to watch.

This post was sponsored by VidAngel
For more info you can see my disclosure statement. 

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