Thursday, October 1, 2015

Girl Mom Series: Cathy, Three Kids and a Fish

My little love comes bouncing across the floor singing and giggling at the same time at the top of her lungs while my blonde sweet girl comes twirling behind her. They are carrying purses, holding babies, and I detect a little eye shadow and lipstick sparkling up their faces. 

In the game they play they stop over to my coffee shop for some coffee and a bagel, meaning I have called them for breakfast. After their coffee shop break they are headed off for manicures, aka, Mom will paint their nails and after that they will go for a walk with their babies. 

I smile to myself because they are playing the game of life. They are watching and learning from me and my words and actions. 

I love to see them smile, and playing together, I love to see them happy. In a world of good princesses, bad princesses turned good, Monster High barbies, American Girl dolls, drama filled friend moments, trying to be the best at your sport or art, and more I am glad they find these sweet moments to just be five and seven. 

Sometimes five and seven seems older than it sounds especially when they encounter certain things at school, hanging with friends, on the sports field, or in the dance studio. 

I know that it starts now. Laying the foundation and capturing the teachable moments so that they are strong when the hard times come rolling in. I let my sweet girls know that I am here to walk life's journey with them. 

I tell then now so they will know for later. 

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There are 7 things that I actively do with my girls now to help build that firm foundation and guide them through life's journey:

Open Communication-Tell me about your day. What was your favorite moment today? 

I ask questions, open ended questions that require more than a one word answer. 

I want to hear about how they are, how school was, their practices, or that hang out with friends. 

Even if it's just a 3 minute conversation I want them to know I am here.

Listening, Just Listening-Girls can talk!!! Of course, I already knew this but having to listen to endless chick chatter takes work! :-) 

I have had to learn to really dial in and send my sweet girls the signals that I am really listening. Because whatever they have to say may seem small to me but to them it's as if the world is ending. 

I drop everything, look them in the eye, and listen to every word.

You a Princess, An Heir To The Throne-I tell them often that you are a child of God, the one true King. 

And that makes you a princess, a real princess. May you hold that truth in your heart and carry it all the days of your life.

Never let go or lose sight of the King. 

Hugs, Lots Of Hugs-We love to hug and snuggle. Those sweet moments I will cherish and I say to my sweet girls keep the hugs coming. 

It's these moments that tell my girls that I am here for you no matter what, and you are safe with me!

Special Moments-We have always taken dates together. Manicures, Panera for lunch, and shopping is their favorite way to spend an afternoon. 

These special dates allow for alone time, extra giggles, fun outside of their daily routine, and let's them know that they are special and worth spending time with.

You are Beautiful Inside & Out-Our culture is saturated with a distorted view of what true beauty is. I tell them every day you are beautiful on the inside and on the outside. 

In the words of Audrey Hepburn (love her), "Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls".

You Are Loved- I can never tell them enough that they are loved. To let them know that they are valued and loved, so loved, will carry them through their days, weeks, and years as they grow. 

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Girl Moms

Thank you so much Cathy for sharing what you have learned with us. I always see the most fruit when I actively pursue my children. So often I struggle to daily engage them in the chaos of life but they are so worth the effort and other areas of life pale in comparison.

You have encouraged and challenged this mama's heart today.

Make sure you stop by three kids and a fish to learn more about Cathy and her family. 

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