Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pumpkin Run 2015 Race Recap

 Saturday was the 33rd annual Joplin Pumpkin Run. This race has been around longer than I have folks. It is a hilly 5 mile course around a park just outside of town. I have wanted to do this race since I was a newby runner and two years later it finally happened.

But I wasn't the only one running!
 The girls hadn't ran a fun run since July so I signed them up too and boy were they excited.

The fun run started out with "the rise of the great pumpkin".

And a hay ride to the start line.

Marissa ended up being the 4th kid to cross the finish line (that's my girl). 
She is a natural with her effortless style of running. She just has a way of making it look so easy.

Emily wanted to know what place she was so I told her she was "place # super awesome"!
She was THRILLED with her final result ;). She loved running this race with Meme (my mama). 

Good job ladies!
Instead of medals the kids were given their own little pumpkin.
It REALLY is a pumpkin run :). 

With the kids run over we were ready to get our 5 miles on. 

Our goal was to finish. No pace or time agendas made.
It is so nice to go into a race and only be thinking about having a good time. 

And that we did!
This photo pretty much assures that we were the happiest bunch of runners out there that day.
(especially seeing we had just ran up that hill) 

When it came to the end of the race Lacey gave me a run for my money with a sprinting show down. I believe the exact words she said were "It's on Beth" as she kicked it into warp speed. I some how magically managed to beat here by hundredths of a second. 

It was  pretty much the coolest thing ever and for a few seconds afterwards I thought my heart might explode. 

At the end of the day this is where we fell we finished with 47:something times, exactly where I expected us to be. 
So the Pumpkin run was a race worth waiting two years for. 
Fun with friends, a fun run to remember and another race shirt for my wardrobe.

I think that wraps up races for a while.
Until next time, happy running!

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