Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Highlights 11.6.15

Hello Friday!

I thought you would never get here.
This week has NOT been a good week. But in an effort to keep things upbeat around here, I won't go into all the details about that. Let's just be glad that it is over and the weekend is finally here.

Now onto this weeks Friday five!

{ONE}  Blog Highlights

It has been another BUSY week on the blog.
Here is a quick recap!

Last Friday I posted a recipe for Party Perfect Cheese Ball Bites. They are savory, a tiny bit sweet and have bacon and cheese in them. How in the world could they be bad?!

Sunday I shared my goals for the month of November.

Monday I recapped Halloween 2015

Tuesday was the Tuesday Talk cookie swap. I went with my Double Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. It took me 2 batches and 2000+ calories to perfect this recipes. I hope you guys love it.

Wednesday I talked about messes, they just happen. I also gave you a peek at an exclusive clutch from Huggies.

Thursday was the second Teaching Together Blog Hop.
I shared some practical ways that you can encourage and teach thankfulness in your home.

{TWO} Sleep, Precious Sleep

Has anyone ever dealt with sleep regression.... with a 7 year old? 

I am not sure what is going on lately, but it seems like every other night or so she is waking up in the wee early morning hours. Either she can't sleep or she is scared. We have pretty strict policies about sleeping in our home: You sleep and you sleep in your own bed #toughlove. I am hopeful it is just a phase, but until it is over I am TRYING to show her patience, love and grace.

{THREE} Folgers Flavors Giveaway

Saturday I talked about how you can #RemixYourCoffee with Folgers Flavors.

I am also having a giveaway to win 2 samples of Folgers Flavors so you can try them out for yourself. Be sure to enter!

{FOUR} Christmas Bucket List

So we may or may not have wrapped up our fall bucket list and now I am thinking about Christmas.
I know, I know you must be shocked. Me, thinking about Christmas?! Never, HA!

Here is a look at last years list.

I think I want to go bigger this year.
We easily completed this list so adding 4-6 more items seems like a must if you ask me :)

What would you add?

{FIVE} She Runs

Monday night this happened.

That was a pretty huge deal and I couldn't possibly be more proud. He took a car ripped it apart down to a bare frame and is completely rebuilding it. He also put an injected 502 motor in it, which apparently makes him pretty awesome. At least that is the word on the street. I can't wait to have this car done.

Friday Linkup Parties
To see where I am linking up check out my link-up tab.

Have a great weekend!
We will see you back here soon.

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