Monday, November 16, 2015

Holiday Cash Giveaway!

Have you ever found some extra cash that you had forgot about? 
Hidden in the secret compartment in your wallet, left in a coat pocket over spring and summer or tucked away in your hiding spot that is so good even you can't remember where it is?

Finding some extra cash can make even the worst of days turn around in an instant. Especially during the Holiday season.

I am so excited to be teaming up with some fellow bloggers to give you a chance to put a little extra cash in your pocket this Holiday season.

While thinking about this giveaway I started to wonder what I would buy if I came across some extra cash.

Like this enameled cast iron dutch oven that I drool over EVERY time I walk into Sams Club.
Or some fancy Christmas dresses for the girls.
We could stash the money away for a little get away to our favorite Christmas spot.

Extra cash is always helpful when it come time to buy Christmas Presents. And let's not forget to give back to those in need this time of year. There are so many ways that some extra cash can be helpful during this time of the year.

Here's your chance to win some.

What would you spend it on if you won?

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