Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bringing Art to Life with IDO3D!

Marissa and I had so much fun creating with IDO3D, who hired me to try out their product and share it with you, my readers. All opinions are my own.

Art should be fun, exciting and interactive.

As a home school mom I am always on the look out for great products that that allow us to create in new and exciting ways. I was so excited to learn about IDO3D. It is the perfect combination of art, science, engineering and creativity. A chance for kids to make their very own unique 3D creations. 

I love when we can learn so much from one simple project. 

From the moment the box arrived, Marissa could not wait to get started.

She grabbed the guidebook and started flipping through the projects. It was full of a large variety of project ideas in a variety of skill levels. The perfect guide and inspiration to get you started. She quickly found a pair of glasses and was ready create.

Step one was to trace the pattern with the pen onto the plastic sheet.
The adjustable precise tip made this easy and fast.

With the tracing completed we moved onto the next step, using the special light to transform her art.

After a few minutes of using the light our glasses were cured enough to assemble. We used the special pens and the light to "weld" the glasses together.

After a bit more curing in the sun our project was complete and ready to wear.
She was so proud of her creation.

And just like that, she was hooked.
She wasted no time getting started on another creation.

IDO3D was the perfect new twist that made her art real and brought it to life.

You can check out IDO3D on Facebook, buy this kit on Amazon or check out the IDO3D Amazon Store where you will find this and many other amazing project kits. 

IDO3D, is a great addition to any kids Christmas list!

What have you been creating lately?

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