Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Highlights 11.13.15

Is the week over yet?

Lately I've been in a bit of a funk. I have been busier than normal with stuff to do, life has been busy and keeping Marissa focused on school has been a struggle (probably due to my own feelings of distraction). During these rough patches it is so easy for me to slip into a mindset of negativity and depression. Which generally leave me feeling even more depressed because hello, the holidays are coming! Shouldn't I be giddy? I so quickly loose sight of my true identity while taking on so many other roles.

I know my struggles are not my own and I am not the only one dealing with this.

Could you pray for me?
If this is you too leave me a comment, I'd love to be praying for you as well.

{ONE} Blog Highlights

This week on the blog I shared about...

My favorite way to doodle, my chalkboard.

Our final fall bucket list check in.

A delicious recipe I created, Harvest Apple Dessert Pizza.

5 of my favorite recipes from last weeks cookies swap.

Photo challenge check in #10!

The last post in my 'Girl Mom' series featuring 5 of my favorite posts.

{TWO}  2015 Blogger Link-up

You know when someone comes up with a genius plant and you get invited to join? That is exactly what happened to me. My good friend Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me came up with this awesome way for Bloggers to recap their 2015.

The feedback we are receiving has been so encouraging and exciting.
Check it out and make plans to join the fun!

{THREE} Mug Swap

I may be the only blogger ever that has never participated in a swap, but when I saw this one, hosted by Katie at Cup of Tea, I signed up right away.

Tis the Season Mug Swap 2015 is LIVE! Deadline to sign up is Nov 23!

I LOVE mug specifically big mugs and bonus points if they are Christmasy!
You have until 11/23 to sign up and this swap is for ANYONE, not just bloggers!

{FOUR} Insta-Awesome

So this happened sometime last week.

Seriously, thank you!

If you aren't already following along I would LOVE to connect with you there.

{FIVE} Holiday Planner

I am a planner and planning is what I love. In fact, random Beth fact, I used to get paid to plan and keep track of things. That was my job back when I was a senior warehouse clerk. (The title sounds way more impressive than it actually was.)

Lately I have been planning all things Christmas. Okay, if I am being honest I have been saying "Man, I need to start writing Christmas stuff down and getting things planned." If you are like me and are ready to start I want you to check this out.

Christmas Planner, Holiday Planner, Christmas Planning Printable Kit, Christmas Organizer | Instant Download

Emily from Morning Motivated Mom came up with this great Christmas planner to help you keep all thing Christmas organized.

She was even sweet enough to share this coupon, CHRISTMAS2015, so you can get $2 off ANY purchase of $5 or more in her shop through 12/31/15

Friday Linkup Parties
To see where I am linking up check out my link-up tab.

Have a great weekend!
We will see you back here soon.

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