Thursday, November 19, 2015

Spread a Little Comfort and Cheer

If there is any thing that can ruin the upcoming weekend fast, it is getting sick. Trust me, I would know. After battling headaches for days, things took a turn for the worse. 
My first cold of the season had officially arrived. 

(I snapped this photo in the car before co-op Friday morning when I realized just how terrible I felt.)

I immediately tried to find the bright side, I love an optimistic point of view.
 *I didn't have any important plans that weekend.
*I'd be better in time to celebrate the holidays.
*And most importantly, no school on the weekend.

3 good things was all I could think of.
Being sick stinks.

 That's when I decided this year I would be more proactive to show others that I care.
A simple, inexpensive gift that says I know being sick stinks, I'm thinking of you, get better soon.

After all, sometimes the little things mean the most.

The first thing I needed was Kleenex®, especially knowing how my nightstand has looked over the past several days.

And where is the best place to buy Kleenex, Sam's Club! I love Sam's Club, especially for the essentials. Because let's be honest am I going to use 12 boxes of tissues in the near future. Yes, I am! Sam's Club let's me stock up on the products I need saving me valuable time and money.
Plus it has quickly became the girls favorite place to shop. 

I was able to pick up a Kleenex® Anti-Viral club size pack with 12 boxes of tissues.
These 3 ply, soft tissues kill 99.9% of cold and flu viruses, which is reassuring to this mom who is constantly finding dirty tissues lying around #momlife.

Then I grabbed a few other inexpensive products.
 Think hand-sanitizer, chap stick, cough drops, vitamin C & tea packets.

I tied up my Kleenex® Care package with string and placed a simple tag on it.

Such a kind and simple way to #SpreadKleenexCare this cold and flu season.

I plan to keep a few of these around (maybe I should even keep one in my car) so I can brighten someone else's day when they get the sniffles.

How will you spread comfort and cheer this winter season?

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