Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Messes Just Happen

As a mom of 7+ years now I feel like I am finally starting to get more comfortable. Some parts of motherhood were just rough for me at first... like the first 5+ years. But the more I embrace life, our life, really living our life to the fullest with no worries, the more fun it is for everyone. 

 When you're on the go a lot there are a few things that are just going to happen. Someone is going to need to use the bathroom at the most inconvenient moment and there will be messes. Hopefully those two won't be intertwined, but you just never know.

Dirty hands from playing in the leaves and digging in the dirt.

Or a little girls who REALLY wanted an ice cream cone, in the car.

Messes are just going to happen, frequently.

Part of my letting go is knowing it is okay to let go.
When life gets messy as it often does I love being able to reach for Huggies Natural Care wipes.

I know I am not the only mom without a baby, who still keeps baby wipes on hand. Right?!

They are hypo-allergenic, 99% water based and at my local Sams Club I can buy them in bulk with 864 wipes per box (that's a whole lot of messes), a tub and the exclusive members-voted clutch. 

Speaking of Sams Club, I am happy to report back that I loved my trial membership so much that I officially joined the club this weekend. Time after time again I was impressed with the savings and quality I found there.
Plus our grocery budget is already reflecting the savings of buying in bulk, wahoo!

Back to that exclusive clutch, oh this clutch. I just love this clutch.
If there was ever a super awesome mommy clutch it would look like this.

It's waterproof, refillable, the perfect size and how cute is it? I can grab it and go whether that's to the park or on sticky ice cream date. I feel ready and stylish, which is not something I am used to feeling while carrying around a package of baby wipes. 

Check out more on this amazing clutch and find out what your #clutchstyle is

At the home, in the car, at the park, play date, grocery store. Wherever we go we are ready to handle any mess.

One wipe at a time. 

Want more info?
You can go here to learn more about Huggies Natural Care Wipes

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