Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday Talk 2015 Cookie Swap Highlights!

First off I want to say a huge thanks to my co-host Michelle from Grammy Time
She was the creative genius behind last weeks cookie swap, coming up with the fantastic idea.

Next I want to say an even bigger thanks to everyone who participated.
The cookie swap and Tuesday Talk exist because of you. 
Thank you!

We had so many recipes shared last week that I don't even know where to start baking...
and if my jeans will still fit when I am finished.

Today I wanted to share with you 5 of my favorite recipes from last weeks swap.

Does anything get better than the combo of chocolate and peanut butter? These skinny, decadent, and low calorie cookies do not disappoint! Yet, they won't ruin your healthy eating goals. They taste amazing and are gluten, dairy, & refined sugar-free! http://www.groundedandsurrounded.com/recipe/skinnycookiespbc/

hedgehog cookies - All that's Jas

Did you have any favorites from last weeks swap?

Now it's your turn to link up this week.
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