Thursday, November 12, 2015

Girl Mom Series Finale, The Highlights

It is crazy to think that a series I started back in February has came to an end for now.
On February 26th I kicked off my 'Girl Mom' series when I shared my story.

The story of how these two precious ladies made me a full pledged girl mom.
I can't imagine my life any other way. 

Week after week (for almost 30 weeks) you shared your stories. Stories that made us laugh and cry. Stories that everyone could relate to. Your stories were our stories and they were all woven together with the common pink thread of motherhood.

Today I am going to try and pick out 5 posts that spoke straight to my heart.
I would like to say that I loved ALL of the posts and picking just 5 was so hard.

So here they are.
5 of my favorite 'Girl Mom Series' stories. 

Justine's Story

"I love all my children fiercely, and equally, but they all challenge me in different ways and have different lessons to teach me."

Sarah's Story

"In everything give thanks. So, instead of fear, I will praise."

Michelle's Story

"As women, we are so critical of ourselves with negative self-talk so I tried to put less emphasis on their outward appearances and more on the matters of their heart."

Katie's Story

"As a Girl Mom, my job is to teach my daughter that when it feels like the world doesn't like you, know that God loves you just the way you are. And that's all you need to know!"

Amanda's Story

"Maybe I cringe a little on the inside, but I also smile too. I know her personality is developing and it is important for me to choose my battles so that she can flourish and explore the person she is becoming so I let it go."


I could have listed them all.

To all who read and participated, THANK YOU!
This series would have been impossible with out you opening up and sharing.

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